Monday Negro

The European Central bank (BCE) made the night of Sunday a key decision to alleviate the tensions that shake to Spain and Italy in the markets. Urged by the fear to a collapse in the Bags, the organism decided the purchase of Spanish and Italian national debt in an attempt to alleviate the high interests that demand the investors to bonds of both countries. Hear other arguments on the topic with Adam Petrick. The president of the BCE, Jean-Claude Trichet, in the evening summoned an urgent videoconference with the advisors of the monetary authority which he left the decision of " to apply activamente" the program of purchase of debt of countries with problems, according to the official notice made public on the 11 at night. Although it does not detail specifically what type of debt will be acquired, the official notice starts with a recognition of the reforms in Italy and Spain and with the conviction that he is " esencial" to apply them to reduce the imbalances, which is equivalent to say that these will be the countries benefitted by the bond purchase. Source of the news: : The BCE will buy Spanish debt Italian to avoid ' Monday negro'