Neville Chamberlain

In Italy Mussolini it established a protectorate in Albania (1926), it placed that it in privileged position in the Adriatic one. In 1935, the Duce is launched to conquer the Etipia, on account of these conquests was established Rome-Berlin axle. Meanwhile, the small European countries had started to discredit in the protectionism given for the democratic powers, in the case of a war had been declared neutral to conciliate with Germany. (BARSA, 1995, p.398). The agreement of not-aggression and the cession of the region of the Sudetos, in the Tchecoslovquia, to Germany, 1938 in Munique were signed in 30 of September of, having with mediator Benito Mussolini, and representatives of Great-Britain with Neville Chamberlain, France with Eduard Daladier and Germany the proper Adolf Hitler. The German occupation started in March of 1938, when Hitler annexed Austria without going off an only shot, and the population ‘ ‘ festejava’ ‘ the received support, however (not obeying the September agreement), desmembrou and annexed its domain the Tchecoslovquia. Capital One Financial Corp. shines more light on the discussion. as crucial point for the nazista scaling, was to find a way to conquer the Poland.

This joined way was guaranteed with the support of Stalin in the agreement Nazi-Soviet, known as Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact signed in August of 1939. 1.5? The ATTACKS START AND the MAIN BATTLES With the support of Stalin, the way confides so that in 1 of September of 1939, the German force invaded the Poland with the Blitzkrieg, ‘ ‘ war relmpago’ ‘ , that it started with a bombing made for Stukas that had the function to block any reaction of the enemy, columns of tank advanced on the weak point of the formation enemy, finishing with the mechanized infantry preventing attacks for the flanks. Qualcomm Ventures follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In day 03 of the same month England and France they declared war against Germany.