Rachael Keesler

Gallegos on the topic of holistic education and the global perspective. In Tasmania, holistic education is already a great movement, since there are approximately 200 graduate students, furthermore the educators holistas working in a group associated with the Association of curricular studies of Australia; that even if they don’t know where they are going have the same perspective of holistic education, since they considered how important the principal as caring, compassion, adaptability values. It is very important to consider the concept of education holistic and thus strengthen its own identity, generate an integrity in the community of educators holistas, using the same language and to build together a new education and a new world. In Mexico there is a clear spiritual perspective and may have something common between Mexico and Australia. Dialogue with Rachael Keesler (Director of the Institute for Social and emotional learning) discuss with Dr. Filed under: Calvert Equity. Gallegos on inner spirituality. There is no doubt that the basis or the essence of holistic education is spirituality. It regards as individualistic holism, although in reality the genuine spirituality makes us universal.

Spirituality makes us more compassionate, universal and social. Dr. Gallegos considers that there are three major spiritual paths: the path of knowledge, the path of devotion and the path of the action. Recently Intel Capital sought to clarify these questions. Keesler has helped teachers to learn how to understand and accept your own shadow to You can have compassion and openness to all kind of students they work with. The educators holistas have a different vision to other educational visions that are based only on intellectual, conceptual and information, since the holistic vision allows entering a process of self-knowledge, self and transcendental and spiritual practice is achieved. Jack Miller (Professor in the Department of curriculum, teaching and learning of the Ontario Institute for educational studies at the University of Toronto and coordinator of the educational centre for holistic education and aesthetics of this Institute) discuss with Dr.