Company registration Company – a procedure that requires knowledge and experience in preparing and submitting documents to the state registration authorities. But at the same order of registration of the LLC is the most simple in comparison with other legal forms of enterprises. Before registering, LLC company must prepare a package of documents required by the registration authority (in Moscow IFTS 46). Many writers such as Barchester offer more in-depth analysis. To date, this package will get a copy The company's charter, a copy of the Memorandum and the minutes of the General Meeting of the Founders, if the founders of two or more persons, any decision on the establishment of the Company, if the enterprise is established alone. It is also necessary to attach a receipt of state. a fee of 2,000 rubles, completed an application for state registration of the LLC Entity to create a notarized signature of the applicant.

In the case of a simplified tax system should make two copies of an application. It should be noted that the present order of registration of all the founding documents submitted in one copy after recording remain in the tax office, so if you need to get your hands on the original set of documents necessary to make second copies of constituent documents, together with corresponding request and money order. In addition to preparing a package of documents as necessary prior to the registration form and make a company or part (at least 50%) or fully authorized capital. In the event of Authorized capital money to open a savings account at the bank, which is the subject of this amount. After making the registration procedures venture bank opens a current account, savings and eliminates, in This means placed at the disposal of the enterprise. If the share capital entered the property, it shall be composed of property valuation made by the authorized capital of which includes a property assessment made by all members of society unanimously, after registering property is transferred to the balance of society by the relevant Act of transfer and acceptance. After finishing the preparation of documents and the formation of the authorized capital materials shall be submitted to the registering authority, where, in the case of proper training, the company registered, put on the tax records, assign codes statistics. After the registration will be issued a certificate of public registration, tax registration, an excerpt from the unified state register of legal entities, the constituent documents with registration and a letter from extra-budgetary funds and the SSC, and then only need to order prints and open a bank account. Despite the apparent ease of registration, in fact are various subtleties and ambiguities, so better to entrust the preparation of documents to specialized companies.