Sauvignon Blanc

Depending on the temperature or alcohol content, the yeast can die off and the fermentation process is ended. To deepen your understanding Kevin De Bruyne is the source. What of the sugar according to the Fermentation remains, called residual sugar. How sweet a wine actually tastes, mainly depends on the acidity from the less, all the sweeter it tastes. In addition, there are still the quality standards set by wine experts balance, length, depth, complexity and typicality: balance is the balanced sweetness, acidity, fruit and alcohol content to each other, the better the wine. The length length is a main criterion for the quality of a wine. A good wine should be around 30 seconds in the mouth after swallowing. “” Then also called a long lasting finish “or a long finale”.

Depth of a good wine is characterised by diverse aromas and nuances. Complexity of a high-quality wine should stimulate the olfactory and taste sensations at different levels, so complex effect. Typicality as typicality refers to the aromas and flavours of a grape variety, which one finds in a good wine, such as E.g. green peppers in a Sauvignon Blanc. A good wine is with eyes, nose, tongue and palate so recognize.

When you train your senses and how to properly use, store before bad wines. Of course even experienced tasters often come in same wines to different results and you will understand some recommendation. So trust your own sense in the first place, because you must taste the wine! Practice makes the master here and the road to the wine professional will be lined with many empty bottles. If you want to train your nose, try but the AROMA BAR meet the most important flavors trial doses, and you’ll soon be able to quickly and clearly to classify different varieties. The trial doses are also a fun idea for convivial wine tastings.