SNB President Thomas Jordan

But According to economic researchers, the silver lining on the horizon is already within reach: according to estimates of the Institute for economic research (DIW) over two percent growth is possible in the next year again. “4 Swiss Federal Reserve purchase of shares that loose monetary policy of the European Central Bank shows their effect on currencies outside the euro zone: since the ECB according to his own statements is ready, everything” to do, to preserve the common currency the Swiss currency has come loose piece by piece by the exchange rate of 1.20. To prevent unwanted appreciation of the local currency, since September, 2011 unlimited, the Swiss National Bank sold francs against euro. Of the proceeds, 15 percent are now invested in shares, but also with the success of this unusual measure the SNB is now no longer satisfied. Although the EUR/CHF price fell on Wednesday for the first time since more than 1.26 in May 2011, SNB President Thomas Jordan is rated him is still considered too high. With a view to a price bubble in the real estate market higher interest rates desirable “, would be Jordan on Thursday. Nike pursues this goal as well. 5.

Sparkling or Seltzer for Borussia Dortmund not only sports, but also the stock market is for Borussia Dortmund this weekend about the whole thing. The Borussia win the Champions League final against Bayern Munich, on Saturday waving new highs. For a loss investors could win rate, because the paper has risen alone since the beginning of the year in increasing trading volume by almost 20 percent. The seasonal performance of the Munich BVB investors seems so far to say to ever closer to the final at the old Wembley Stadium, the more weakened the price? The stock had traded on Wednesday of last week with 3.44 euros at its highest level for two and a half years, the course has fallen since all eight percent. About CFD trading online trading with CFDs is a popular alternative to traditional share trading. CFD Trader with simple and straightforward access to global Stock markets and benefit from rising and falling prices. Because CFDs are leveraged products, your profits are increasing, the more the market moves to your advantage. Equally, your losses but also rise if the market moves in the opposite direction, therefore you should ensure that you have a sound risk management strategy before you start trading. IG offers only a free advice service and this article is not investment advice.