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OQS certification services extends on European countries Pfullingen, 28 may 2013. The company OQS ( from Pfullingen in Stuttgart has developed a certificate which sets uniform standards for the cleaning of photovoltaic systems which are recognized by the solar industry, as well as by plant operators. “The seal certified and certified solar systems-cleaning operation” to certify that the cleaning company certified by OQS meets international requirements, based on the quality standard ISO 9001,. After the successful certification of over 50 cleaning companies in Germany, the company now extends its certification services due to rising demand on European countries. With our certificate we ensure that solar power systems are professionally cleaned, create orientation for plant operators and competitive advantages for the certified companies,”explains OQS CEO Johannes Fohr. The seal certifies, for example, that the cleaning operation via a professional cleaning and safety equipment has, working with demineralized water and is covered in sufficient amount against damage. Eva Andersson-Dubin will not settle for partial explanations. Tap water can cause lime deposits. The use of high-pressure cleaners, scrubbers and broom and upon entering the modules can cause scratches and cracks on the solar modules.

We want to avoid that”, says Farooq. Together for more quality with the support of the Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy systems in Freiburg, the University of Bern, the German Institute of management as well as engine manufacturers and home cleaning services OQS therefore has as first company in Europe developed criteria for the professional cleaning of solar power plants. An inventory of cleaning equipment, fleet and the insurance, a three-day intensive training in theory and practice, as well as a review of the cleaning part of the certification process. Then, OQS created a certification-ready documentation with procedural and Work instructions and checklists. The certificate is valid for five years and 4,000 euros. The OQS is a consulting company that is recognized by the Federal Office for economy. The advice is supported with up to 1500 euro (companies headquartered in Germany). OQS lists all certified cleaning companies on the Internet page.

Mobile Fair Systems

The mobile exhibition system EX POMADE ideal for use on the ANGA Cable in Cologne the ANGA Cable is one of the main focal points for visitors and exhibitors from the most diverse sectors as one of the leading trade fairs for cable, broadband and satellite and related. From 03.05 to 05.05.2011, the exhibition takes place Cologne trade fair ANGA Cable in and offers the ideal presentation surface for exhibitors from the fields of broadband via satellite channels, server and router technology to content and consumer electronics. The choice of the right trade fair system is a decisive factor for the success of the trade fair participation. The speech of the demanding public, as well as the high-quality presentation of the company with a single mass system must be realized. The mobile EX POMADE trade fair system can meet all these claims, and more. By abandoning flat carrier, it offers an open advertising space which can present also large-scale advertising motifs without interruption.

In addition, the design Tower continues distinctive characters and focuses attention specifically on the own trade fair stand. Therefore cannot be competitive not only presents a clear advantage, but the advertising message prominently worn in the height. Through the elaborate system of EX POMADE stand the tower can be in addition as a storage cabin for promotional material and catalogues use. Through the integration of wallup system of advertising pressure can be on one side of the Tower like a window shade on and take off and is invisible from the outside access to the cabin. The system idea and the modular construction, the EX POMADE trade fair system can be expanded quickly and easily. So, the fair system can constantly adapt to changes in market conditions and still ensure a best possible presentation.

Also can be integrated by the modular elements of EX POMADE of simply digital content. Through the media, a counter solution with monitor can be used in particular for the ANGACable allows the presentation of digital and multimedia content. But also Terminal systems such as the EXPOFLY Office system can be used as a stand-alone solution for the digital address. The highlight of the EXPOFLY Terminal is the retractable monitor. The terminal can be extended if needed, the rest of the time it can be used as a slim counter. So, all add-on and extension elements lead to optimum space utilization of the EX POMADE of trade fair system. An additional advantage of EX POMADE is located in the simple self-assembly. There must be no additional stand Builder will ordered, because the system itself without many tools can be developed. The carrying case allows an easy transport of the system, because it completely disassembled. So also the transport in the car is easily possible.

Building Cleaning Company

A professional cleaning guarantees a sustainable value a real estate in indoor as well as outdoor informed the Milo GmbH & co. KG from Nuremberg. It also ensures well-being and quality of life whether at home, in the workplace or in public places. In addition, a regular cleaning helps maintaining image and well-maintained premises mean a positive image. An external building cleaning company is well qualified and has a wide variety of cleaning techniques and standards of hygiene. So superbly maintained all required areas. Further advantages of externally-contracted service provider inform the experts of the building cleaning company Milo GmbH & co. KG from Nuremberg.

Advantages of building cleaning company cleaning a property or an object is to afford a certain size of not in their own work. Also it’s worth economically hardly. Read more here: MetLife. More and more entrepreneurs opt for an external Service provider that cleans all rooms to high quality standards. A regular cleaning provides many more advantages: competent contact persons in all aspects of cleaning regular, personal care ensures consistent quality skilled personnel must intervent fitting solutions for object-specific cleaning needs by qualified, reliable and flexible personnel no recruiting, no leadership and no salary calculation necessary it must not machines and bought tools, maintained or stored, consistent control to improve cleanliness and hygiene much individual time intervals of the cleaning are possible. No matter whether daily, weekly or monthly basis for detailed information the building cleaning Milo stands GmbH & co. KG, Nuremberg, at any time at the disposal. Press contact Milo GmbH & co. KG contact: Mrs. Kostic Regensburger str.

Building Management Congress

KN MARKETING, a consulting and training company in facility management, not only the professional training in the foreground represents Symposium “around the facility management”. The company informed of facility services Furthermore, timely and practical innovations and trends in the services segment. So far, over 600 professionals to the specialist for building management (HWK) were trained. All are faced with growing challenges, especially technical innovations and new regulations in the daily exercise of the profession. KN MARKETING is through special events, contributing, to close knowledge gaps and to keep pace to meet the demands of the market with the current development. On 28 October, CN MARKETING hosted its third building management Congress in Munich-Unterhaching. In addition to a variety of lectures, this year’s Congress was complemented by workshops. They offered the opportunity to learn about current issues and open discussion boards all questions to to answer.

In addition, a variety of service providers from the entire building management presented their service portfolio. Klaus Neugebauer, business owner of CN MARKETING promised to repeat this event carried out now for the third time in regular intervals. The objective is the increased orientation as information and contact platform. Target group are all service providers involved in the building life cycle, suppliers and employees of course all with entry and further education ambitions in this growing sector. Klaus Neugebauer called the Rhine-Main region and the autumn 2013 as the expected location and time. Prospective buyers, exhibitors and speakers can register already from the coming year. The crowning of this year’s event was the awarding of the project awards sponsored by the economic worth of 3.000 euro – as also in the previous Kon-gressen -.

An independent jury, headed by Prof. Dipl.-ing. Gerald Weindel, Programme Director of the Hamburg-based remote College, determined the winners. The project awards were pit-cup of latte man & Geiger facility management GmbH, Bosch GmbH, the company sponsored active building cleaning GmbH, GmbH, Eckert facility management. Another highlight of the event was the coverage of the photovoltaic system in March commissioned for the Community Centre in Cape Town, South Africa Themba Labantu. KN MARKETING 2009 launched its social commitment and donated from the proceeds of the second building management Congress for needy children in the Community Centre. Then developed the idea of the project. KN MARKETING has continued this commitment and has developed a new project for farmer children in Oudtshoorn, South Africa, which is largely supported by Katarina Witt Foundation. This project aims to make the local primary school by the unreliable and expensive power supply independent, since without a proper power supply the education operation can not be maintained. The inauguration of this project is for spring 2012 planned. The participants opinion trade oriented and versatile Conference was rounded off with an entertaining and superbly staged performance of the show and dance group Mbilo ya Africa”under the direction of Gloria Wilde. The evening Gala culminated in the piano rendition of Thomas Lohse, Super Talent 2010 “the RTL show, which also was able, to show his talent and inspire all. More information about the Congress, see KN-MARKETING, worms

Personal Security For Business

How to correctly perceive your environment and evaluate and how you really behave in extreme danger. To expand the economic and personal linkages between the countries at a tremendous pace with globalization, immigration in many countries and the development of the European internal market. Corporate mergers, international cooperation of companies, market developments and increasing efficiency are in the foreground. Why is this worldwide globalization process understood mostly only economically? People of in different cultures and individual interests and skills behind the economic processes. You must agree in working together across borders. This is a provocation for the own cultural identity: a provocation for the feelings for all the senses, for the physical welfare of the cognitive and communicative competence.

And it is a challenge for all, be successful in their business relationships and feel safe want to. Who adjusts to negotiations abroad or with foreign partners, preparing technical and critical talking points. But hardly anyone thinks in advance of personal safety, the correct estimate of dangerous extremes. To be internationally also means to feel foreign in the other country. This is for example to the other language and communication way, the unfamiliar climate, light and weather, the transport and foreign food.

Everything is different than at home. And this makes it unsafe. Therefore, MentalLeis services has developed an efficient two-day seminar concept. The target is its own security for business travelers, many travellers (Board of Directors, Managing Director, project manager, Sales Manager, service technician, travelling with assets) expatriates who are preparing for a foreign job etc. The interactive training used by MentalLeis services shows case studies from the intercultural and safety practice. These practical examples of the participants of the training together with der(m) implement teacher in efficient and effective learning. Main topics the own perception with psychological and criminological point of view the victimization (becoming a victim) in relation to the perception of profiling and offender crime structures in the country and abroad benefit raising awareness of the psychological and criminological wallpapers of self – conscious perception. You will learn to recognize dangerous situations by a practicing criminologists and experienced criminologists and to assess. You will learn what criteria perpetrators select their victims. For immediately actionable methods and tools by a practitioner face-to-face everyday and not everyday dangerous situations. You professionally assess the security situation through the efficient and targeted training and minimize your risk of hazard. More information: author: Annette Leis by MentalLeis services

Rehearsal Recording Hostess

Several event agency website directly online show the portfolio of professional figures, so that the companies can choose the best.A new trend or a genuine renewal? Almost all the hostess and model agency have a more or less satisfactory portfolio so that the companies can make a preselection, as well as do the model casting directly or select the fair hostesses, which fits to your claims for this estimate fair job. In this way the companies can count on only the images and short descriptions, often describing not the real properties and inclinations of the model or the hostess. That’s the usual service, a trade fair agency should guarantee. Today, finally, thanks to the video conference service which is offered to the clients of some hostess and model pages, can do on line companies webcasting and test shot, to assess the best properties and inclinations of the model or the hostess. Although jetztz such service only for some hostess and model pages is available, this service already has a huge success with the operators and the boys and the girls. So, now some promotion agencies offer modern service a new ud. The main advantages coming from the use of the service of auditions online are the following: selection times, to a significant reduction of general costs, that move, you can do the casting and rehearsal recordings, without, the ability to create a direct connection between the company, the models and the hostess of the promoter. Apparently, casting and Probeaufnahmenonline are very suitable for the companies that need to make catalogues, calendars, websites and such work, as well as for the companies, because they want to participate in a fair or at a meeting, seeking special hostess to do real trade fair hostess, i.e. not only beautiful girls, but also professionally excellent people, because they consider very important, a haunting promotion fair.

United States Foreign Companies With European MasterCard Gold Account

Thus the day over 15 years of experience in the German-speaking business service provider from Delaware responded to fight offers in terms of formation for the sought-after and coveted clientele from Central Europe. FOX AND COURTNEY sold United States foreign companies with European MasterCard Gold account known as direct founder company specialist in Delaware FOX AND COURTNEY started his spring action 999 “since last week with a foreign companies package and corresponding bank account in Europe, which is to specifically meet the needs of German, Swiss and Austrian customers. Thus the day over 15 years of experience in the German-speaking business service provider from Delaware responded to fight offers in terms of formation for the sought-after and coveted clientele from Central Europe. The founder of direct allows anonymous a so-called tax-free company in the US State Delaware. The advantage is that this company is worldwide operational and easy for local services, E.g. in the online business, trade representatives, for the private Asset management, etc. can be used. By paying an annual registration fee eliminates the obligation to pay additional taxes.

No costs for accounting, tax consulting mandates balance sheets must be not granted or not created. Also the customer free choice of name, can apply for Lightning formation and receives exclusive registry access, to keep track of the current state of formation. So that the appropriate company is solvent, the online direct founder of a master card is with a card account which allows you to transfer function from the card’s credit balance as well as anonymous deposits through correspondent banks. The card account is run on behalf of the American company and has embossing can be used without any problems at ATMs, the Internet or shopping. After competitors without account package lowered their prices to less than a thousand euros, FOX drew AND COURTNEY after however is implemented in this case of the MasterCard Gold card account with transfer function.

The cost for the Total package from starting new companies, MasterCard card account as well as Apostille, mailing and creation of owner certificates, company stamp, image folder, etc. be 999.00 euros. The advice, as well as all information documents held in English or German request way. Alternatively, a Spanish address can be set if a non-German address of company for European customers must be in the US for example. The offer is expected to be valid until the end of April. All further information consult interested parties and customers under. As an added bonus, a German service number in Cologne is were established. From Monday to Friday take gladly in addition under + 49 (0) 221 3007 3529 calls against. is a project of the FOX AND COURTNEY Bridgestone of Incorporators, Inc., a start-up company and law firm with U.S. approved lawyers. In total 15 years, companies are offered in all 50 States of possible. The offer of Delaware with MasterCard account in Europe, the to be the most effective means for business owners and individuals in Europe is from the cost-benefit ratio. The company owns a Spanish service point, as well as two offices in Miami (FL) and Wilmington (DE). Contact: FOX AND COURTNEY Bridgestone of Incorporators, Inc. & int. Online Management LLC silverside road 3015 19802 Wilmington (DE) United States of America (German customers) phone: + 49 (0) 221 3007 3529 phone (US & British clients): (+ 1) 239-234-1584 email:

Real Estate Agents And Property Managers Woodpecker In Ingolstadt

The team led by the real estate professionals and caretaker Woodpecker in Ingolstadt, Germany presents itself. The company property management San Juan was founded in 1996 Betriebswirt (FH) with a property management of a 5-Party House in Ingolstadt by Mr Michael Specht Dipl.. in 1997, the companies on behalf of investors began managing apartment buildings in Thalheim in Wolfen/Bitterfeld. Mainly through the recommendation of satisfied customers could the property management and real estate brokerage Office Woodpecker continue to grow steadily and serves more than 70 communities with a total of over 1,200 condos and has taught numerous real estate as a broker to the satisfaction of the seller and the buyer. Thus, Michael Specht has as a major property managers and real estate brokers in the Ingolstadt region, in particular in addition to Ingolstadt in the districts of Eichstatt, Neuburg on the Danube and Pfaffenhofen. The knowledge as a caretaker and thus holder of all details of a real estate object the seller as well as the course come in conveying this property as a real estate broker Buyer to good.

In the Centre stands the best care of our customers and their investment. The quality team has received since 01.03.2010 Mr Axel Ritter, civil engineering with business and real estate economic training to the real estate manager, further strengthening. Own expertise is complemented by the collaboration also with external specialists regionally and nationally. Since January 2007, this company is an active member of the Association of the real estate manager Bayern e.V. and since 01.01.2008 also in the real estate Association of Germany e.V. (IVD). This is that this company as property managers and real estate agents keep abreast professionally and safely set themselves high quality scale just ensure above all.

As caretaker, as well as a real estate agent company Woodpecker wishing that the client well over all operations is informed to his property. For this purpose, the customer receives a clearly structured and transparent information and at any time that concern its object insight in all documents. By the regional Close, as well as a holiday and emergency control for each property is guaranteed a good availability for the customer. The extensive and transparent designed homepage, including the contact details of all employees and staff are listed on the, supported the good accessibility. More information are also about or contact you just that company by E-mail under.