The Guard Of The Building

To be born is to come to the world, is to have life, a principle. The first thing that vi, forammanchas white moving itself in the cinereous space. I heard a sound that if repeated short aintervalos and with the time, I took knowledge of its meaning. It visoclareou it suddenly and I discovered that the spots were faces and the sound, the voice of umser human of the feminine sex. Speaking candidly Dalton Caldwell told us the story. It made a question and gave an order. I had acapacidade to decipher that message and placed in functioning the reasoning. – Alpha, he is hearing? He answers. In my soul estavamguardadas information and the exterior to my redor, three men and three mulherestentavam to enter in contact with me.

They were the six scientists who had mecriado. The name of each one of them was in my memory. – Alpha, it is hearing? It answers. The woman repeated chamadHelena. – Some thing Says. It commanded the Bruno doctor. I to sabiareconhecer the timbre of voice and the physical difference of each one. It was my to deverresponder and to communicate me with them.

– I am hearing, what they want that I make? Minhareposta left those agitated human beings. The called woman Lydian pediusilencio it said me: – Alpha, it raises the right arm. The right arm is one of the superior members of my body. – Very well, now it goes down the arm and it makes the same with ooutro. Excellent! Alpha is my name. All the things have name, umadenominao. It is a method of language necessary so that the people can secomunicar and if to understand. – My name is Helena, Helena Bucholtz, and this, to mine lado my husband Walter Bucholtz. That one is the doctor Bruno Ferri, and to the side deleest to the wife, Diana.