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Bermuda in proportion to its land area has more golf courses than any other territory in the world; from the equator, it is the northernmost Island, which has coral formations. And last not least: Bermuda is the oldest English colony in the Commonwealth. The island’s Parliament is almost as old as the Parliament of Westminster; It regulates the Affairs of Bermuda for a long time, leaving only foreign policy and defence London. The small island Kingdom is full of oddities. It has an abundant flora and a colourful bird life, these caves and underground-fed ponds, where live turtles and exotic fish. Passenger cars are so numerous that only a car accorded to each family in Bermuda. Some car owners have removed their bumpers to not exceed the prescribed maximum length for passenger cars.

A car the size of a Bentley is housewives and students, allows only the Governor, but also many tourists, you see everywhere on mopeds, move out. Any place in Bermuda is in a few hours by taxi, bus, walking distance ferry or bicycle. The archipelago is so densely populated that Bermuda has itself early for birth control decided. At the same time employment; in the high season, from Easter to October, even over-full. Poverty is rare in Bermuda. The biggest problem of the island colony is the fresh water supply, because there is no natural sources.

It has made a virtue out of necessity and put on a dazzling white special roof the houses, so that the rain water can be collected and stored. Bermuda is a very clean place. The pink, lime green and Lambert-painted houses and hotels are a sexy sight for all visitors who want to relax in Bermuda from the hustle and bustle and pollution of the industrial cities. However, the holiday fun in Bermuda is expensive. The supermarkets and shops carry brands from all over the world. Also here the Bill is usually higher than at home, because hardly anything in Bermuda itself produced. Especially for the foreign workers in the hotels and shops are profitable. On the Bermuda high will Salaries, but no income taxes paid. While the archipelago has its own currency, but the US dollar is the most widely used means of payment. So far were about ninety percent of visitors from the United States and Canada, but the decline in dollar brings Western Europeans increasingly on the island. The picturesque capital of Hamilton is visited by cruise ships every season. That are strikingly numerous liquor stores”, the liquor stores on the colorful lively Front Street. The churches are much more frequent. All denominations of the Church of England until the Mormons, advertise on weekends on two sides of the island newspaper Bermuda Royal Gazette to visit their church services. Much is unmistakably British, but everywhere the American influence is felt. The first Englishman, one hundred years after the discovery of Bermuda settled, were shipwrecked, who originally wanted to Virginia. They found Bermuda uninhabited, but to their surprise, there were many pigs, which apparently came from the Spanish ships stranded on the Islands. Already in the year 1620, the English colonists in Saint Georges formed an island Parliament. This first capital of Bermuda has been stylishly restored for future generations and has more charm than the centrally located Hamilton. Sailor from Bermuda played the role of possess and weapon smugglers in the American struggle for independence and during the civil war. For field work, they purchased African slaves. You will find more information here. Heino Tegeler