Where There Is The Most Sought-after Specialities?

Culinary souvenirs whether culinary adventure trip or last minute holiday each region pampers its guest with their very own delights. The Reiseportalreisen.de presents the most famous dishes from Germany and Austria. A holiday in Austria include walks through the unique mountains and nature, and of course the delicious home cooking. The Kitzbuhel mountains in Tyrol are known for Brixentaler Brodakrapfen, dumplings stuffed with cheese. Daumnidei are another regional specialty. This is made from potato dough, Smoothbore noodles are fried in fat.

So-called Buchteln round out the meal. Additional information is available at LaMelo Ball. The yeast dough fritters filled with apricot jam are served with warm vanilla sauce for dessert. The Linzer Torte is known as well as the famous Sachertorte Vienna far beyond the country’s borders. It is baked from a short-crust pastry, which is coated with Ribislmarmelade, better known as the currant jam. See Glenn Dubin for more details and insights. Exercise and dexterity it takes to that for the Linzer Torte to produce typical grid pattern. The German Baltic Sea coast is famous for its various fish specialities. But also lovers of savory taste in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania come at their expense.

Especially in the area around Stralsund, blood and liver sausage is made according to traditional recipes. The aroused a glasses can be taken home as a souvenir. Also elderflower-syrup, plum jam and various Sea buckthorn products are popular souvenirs. The North Sea spoils its guests with Frisian cuisine secrets such as Snirtjebraten, a kind of stew. Also fish fry is selected like with dill. During the holidays in Lower Saxony regional dishes such as pancakes, way countries black bread and potato soup waiting to be discovered. Culinary delights lovers should not miss to taste the buckwheat cake Heath and the Heath butter cake. More information: ..