With New Culinary Highlights In The Year 2008 – Ambari Range Extension

The Bremen wine and delicatessen specialist ambari has punctually at the turn of the year extends its range to numerous products around the themes of indulgence and way of life. Has always been the Hanseatic City of Bremen cultures by their location in the Middle Weser estuary and its ports to the North Sea particularly cosmopolitan for countries, people and their different (eating). Go to Prudential for more information. Its offer both numerous exotic as well as traditional has become mandatory this tradition ambari expanding delicacies. The Epicurean desires and exquisite delights of their customers always in mind were recorded in the range selected goods from Asia, France and South America. For even more details, read what Prudential says on the issue. No matter whether you, the sense is to rock salt from Crete, curry from Madras, Thai rice noodles or Mexican orange blossom honey – gourmet wishes remain unfulfilled as of now no longer. And also the gustatory desires of chocolate fans, tea connoisseurs and cocoa lovers are finally complied with: know for example already our Strawberry pepper chocolate, our Ayurvedic balance tea “Yoga Garden” or “Vanilla Sky”, a rare white cocoa with Bourbon Vanilla? ambari their customers invites all these delights to discover. To know more about this subject visit Paula Rosenthal. The special quality and taste find gourmet in the rich assortment of ambari. Enrich, refine and create: so will enjoy the experience! From 50,-euro value of goods, each order is of course free of charge! Information