Building Entrances

So here it is recommended northern entrance to the site to the garage, bathrooms, hall, ie facilities that do not require lighting, were from the north. Access to the garage to make a better educated from the street. This way you can eliminate the need for a device to save on travel and paving. Composition and size of household buildings and structures on the plot are determined by the characteristics of a particular site, in compliance with health, fire protection, architectural and town planning requirements. When placing buildings, you should think about how not to infringe upon the interests of owners of neighboring parcels. In accordance with existing rules and regulations of building distance from the windows of premises to residential buildings (hozbloka, garage, sauna), located on adjacent land parcels must be at least 6 m. The block is allowed to farm buildings adjacent to homestead land plots by mutual consent of the homeowner.

Outdoor toilet, composting area (stacks, pits) must be removed from the house for at least 15 m, and the distance to the terraces and walls of the house with the windows of living rooms from the barn and garage, if it is built detached, shall be not less than 7 m. To better organize the territory of the land farm buildings is recommended to have offset to one side of the border area. To implement the possibility of maintenance and care facilities distance from the side property line to the walls of industrial and household structures recommended to take at least 1-1.5 m.