What value is such as a business manager, a cat, or a tree? The human dignity and that human rights have no price in the thinking of the UN policy. Human dignity is an illiquid end in itself. ‘The Roland Berger Preis for human dignity is an international human rights award’, a reward, no and ver purchase price. The whole second world war killed around 60 million people. Taking the cost of this goldfish and divides it by the number of the dead, then is the price for one person and can be accounted to him – so the Schlichtdenke of cybernetic economists works.

A dead regularise the Americans in the Viet Nam war cost around $ 2.90 price of life from the perspective of an accountant? And the value of Vietnamese? Today one knows the price, of everything but nothing of value! (Oscar Wilde) ‘ The value of a bird which is actually a bird worth? -Economically only 3.1 Pfennig for the material. How would this Bill change, if you can see the living bird in the natural context and its Services it provides to its environment and thus for us, in mark and charged a penny?’ The late Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Frederic Vester, (window book, Kosel Verlag) this is, I believe, the unqualified expression of qualified German biochemist, environmental experts and popular science author.

He has included with such as the ‘evolutionary cost’? And the value for the vitality of nature? Or the value for the mental Erbaulichkeit during the stay such as a forest or garden plot? And what is with ‘God’s hourly wage’? Every living thing consists of body (matter) and spirit (essence). Dog and cat owners know that 3.1 Pfennig may apply for the (insurance) price of a dead bird but never for a living. In the understanding of men, for which an animal a (UN value-) thing is! We need qualified inspection, vitalistic (Management 1st order, nature) and mechanistic systems (Cybernetics 3rd order, cultures) are different! Human dignity is a term that is in the German-speaking legal philosophy and legal theory for certain fundamental rights and rights of the people (this is to distinguish from the colloquial meaning of the word dignity).

Mario Donnebrink

Numerous innovative highlights in the extensive program of events nearly 600 participants took part early June d.velop AG on the this year’s of the ECM specialist in the historical City Hall of Wuppertal. As the largest event on the topic of enterprise content management management in German-speaking countries, it was carried Edition in his 16. “According to the event motto join innovation” offered at the two-day event of ECM a wide variety of content with about four dozen workshops, training and podium presentations and business meetings. The wide range of information, including General ECM trends and developments that made the for 97% of the participants to a recommended Congress. Which once again very high number of participants this year shows, that it created a unique platform to discuss of innovative solutions and methods with the”, sums up Mario Donnebrink, Executive Board member at d.velop AG. He attributes this mainly on the content composition of the event programme, the in turn, an impressive mix of articles with high practical value offered for the participants and near-future visions. We could present our ideas, such as ECM for the users is even easier, smarter and more comfortable,”he stressed. This includes that the Congress visitors is already exclusively a glance at the brand new version 7.2 of the ECM software d.

3 could throw. It shows very clearly, where the development of modern document management and a first once interesting-sounding topic as simplicity can be as innovative”, explains Donnebrink. This groundbreaking approach offers considerable benefits not only the user, but draw a faster implementation and a low-cost operation of the d. 3 solution. Also presented central platform d.ecs core supports the idea of simplicity. Provides functions and enhancements across all client applications and provides to ensure that the user simply work in the usual manner can no matter which client He just uses.

This event content contributed much to that the information content of the Congress by nearly 100% of the participants was rated positively. Especially since they have experienced even a cloud archive of the next generation with FOXDOX. Through its collaborative approach allows this cloud solution that organizations can share the documents with their clients. Because it is based on the quality of a professional document management and ensures the security of revision and a highly secure data storage in a datacenter in Germany, FOXDOX differs significantly from other online archives.

New Construction Projects

Andreas Schrobback Business Office Berlin Berlin, 07.12.2012 – there were more and more households in the capital and increase the demand for apartments. Look at the facts from last year shows however that not enough new buildings emerge. Actually about 10,000 to 12,000 new tenancy and condominiums are needed in Berlin, to meet the demand. A small sum of newly built properties is the, which amounted to only 3,500 in 2011. This year isn’t the offer could manufactured with the constructed objects, would be needed in Berlin. So is the note from Andreas Schrobback: Berlin more effectively usable construction projects needed to meet the future demand for affordable housing.

The rent was still around 5 euros per square meter, a few years ago in favourable areas it is today many homes now at 5.50 euros to 6.50 euros. Thus adapt the rental of demand, which also leads to an increase in purchase prices. To relax the situation, would have to clearly more projects are planned and implemented. Sustainable concepts for the future are Andreas Schrobback in Berlin asked White, that the pure boost of the number of newly built real estate alone is not enough. The number of needed housing in the last year have a high value and is expected in the coming years a further increase in increasing, the risk of future must be still vacancy be taken into account. After a large increase in new households the trend can reversed again in theory, which many of the new apartments and the stock would be empty. It is therefore important to smaller buildings, which will be in more demand in the future as a multi-storey tenement houses with simple flats. Therefore, it would make sense to invest in the construction of townhouses and similar private homes. There are in Berlin many ordinary apartments with one or two rooms.