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It rschliesst the potential positive effect micro-organisms, so-called specific probiotic cultures, to errors of micro flora in a natural way to balance and restore the microbial balance. In close cooperation with renowned industry partners, ORGANOBALANCE GmbH develops new biological products in the fields of pharmacy, preventative health care, food and cosmetics. The company is based on the proprietary master library with more than 8,000 food appropriate micro-organisms as well as on the own OASSYS custom in its developments. ORGANOBALANCE was founded in 2001 and is based in Berlin. Information on the Internet at. About Mrs. Prof.

Dr. Christine long: Prof. Dr. Christine lang, one is the founders and the CEO of ORGANOBALANCE GmbH. As a Ph.d. biologist she 10 years of industry research at the Hall chemistry research society worked and where established the Working Group on genetics and molecular biology and. evant resource throughout.

in 1993, she moved to the Technical University of Berlin and venia legendi in microbiology and molecular genetics in the compartment. At the Technical University Berlin is extraordinary Professor of Microbiology and molecular genetics and teaches genetics in biotechnology. Christine lang is involved in various associations. The international probiotics Association is a member of the Scientific Committee of the German society for chemical engineering and biotechnology (DECHEMA) E.v. is member of the Executive Board. About Mr. Dr. Bernd Wegener: Dr. med. vet. Bernd Wegener has extensive management experience from different areas of responsibility in the pharmaceutical industry and in associations. After stints at the Boehringer Ingelheim KG, Degussa pharmaceutical group, Marion Merrell Dow GmbH and Henning Berlin GmbH, he led the B R since 1994 until May 2010 A H M S Group as founder and Chairman of the Board. Mr. Dr. Wegener is also Chairman of the Board of the Federal Association of the pharmaceutical industry e. V. (BPI) and Board member of various companies, as well as member of supervisory boards. Mr. Dr. Wegener has also substantial holdings in various companies.


4. Standardization of the IT processes intensify: Although standardization trends are reinforced for quite some time, but this requirement is even greater under the sign of the cloud. Because only the incoming service processes can be sufficiently automated to the users, and just this Automation is the economic interest of the idea of the cloud. But despite the proliferation of ITIL, this standardization in many companies not yet in the required manner is realized. 5. interfaces for compatible processes create: already according to the results of an Exagon study in the outsourcing of IT functions often lacking defined processes for the interfaces to external IT-partners. But an efficient provider management required to reproduce the external service access to clear methods and process criteria. Only then one is targeted and trouble-free performance control of possible partners and avoidable costs are visible.

Also ensure the provider change problem-free, must be defined, how transparent conditions and standardized processes can be realised. 6. the cloud contracts process-oriented design: such management of the interface between external and internal processes requires that also service processes are defined in the service level agreements. So far, service contracts is primarily confined to the specification of technical specifications and quantities description of services. Lacking however on a process orientation and include and process-oriented SLAs in the treaties, then this significant coordination and performance issues may arise in conjunction with the cloud partners. 7. it service catalogs must be rebuilt: you describe what services can take the organization or employees claim.

However, due to lack of sufficient experience, many service catalogues in practice are still a lot on conceptual deficits, because the IT services offered too little on the business processes are turned off. At the same time, self-service portals are important, the staff relatively automated can order the services needed in their workplace after corresponding permission systems. 8 staff competencies are to redesign perspective: as in cloud strategies, a variety of functions are transferred to third parties, internally may have different skills are no longer required. This is true not only for the application, but the service area, because as in the case of desktop management services via the cloud can be deployed. While specific tasks account for or be reduced, on the other hand may be more driving skills as previously required. About Exagon: The Exagon consulting & solutions GmbH has been established since 1994 as an independent IT consulting firm on the market. The business focus is on holistic support of its customers in the Introduction of professional IT service management, with regard to the strategic, organisational and also operational aspects. This includes Exagon performance portfolio both consulting services such as extensive training. Customers businesses and institutions such as AirPlus, BASF, Bayer, German Defense Ministry, DEKRA, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, airport include Cologne, Heraeus, information and technology of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse Center for data processing, host Europe, Postbank, T-systems, TuV Sud, Vodafone, VolkswagenNutzfahrzeuge and the German Woolworth.

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Already on Monday, Nov. 29, the E12 Summit with a festive gala evening began. The speeches of three top managers of German industry, including as a high point of Stefan Lauer, Board group airlines and corporate human resources, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, which surprised the visitors within the framework of the first hosting of the group formed the exciting kick-off. The lecture by Prof. Dr.

Gunter Dueck, Chief Technologist at IBM and a member of the IBM Academy of technology, which was the question of the future of social media is moving in bridging the gap between real and virtual identities. The welcoming speech held Dr. Thomas Endres, CIO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, which gave an insight into the use of collaborative Web applications in the enterprise. In addition to controversial discussions and creative workshops, the E12 Summit gave its participants also again to experience the possibility of current trends in the practice. Recently Morgan Stanley sought to clarify these questions. The extensive exhibits Park with over 30 exhibits offered many highlights, so NOKIA demonstrated available augmented reality applications, as well as examples of navigation and location in a specially built aircraft scenario. “There were also among other things worth knowing about future business models for the new ID card from OpenLimit, the next generation of the inflight entertainment system by Lufthansa systems, as well as the 3D-Klassenzimmer of the future, the Cyber classroom”, from VISENSO. The E12 Summit offers the opportunity to present the latest developments and technologies to the company and to demonstrate live our institutions. Here we may collect first feedback and prepare cooperation, to bring these innovative solutions in the market”, explains Thomas Bendig, Managing Director of Fraunhofer composite ICT, who accompanied the E12-Summit for the umpteenth time as a technology partner.

More information on the E12-Summit, see background: E12 Summit which is E12 Summit with an initiative by leading companies to self framing annually changing digital hot-topics. As a cross-industry network of the E12 Summit brings together every year users and manufacturers from different businesses and industries and offers a platform for the exchange of views on topics from the fields of E-business and digital communication. “” “” “In recent years the E12 Summit devoted to following themes: digital living”, business innovation management “, next generation collaboration”, security”Internet of services”and business 2.0″. Institute of electronic business e.V. The Institute of electronic business e.V. makes biggest Institute of the University of the arts Berlin and in close cooperation with the University of St. Gallen for more than 10 years the transfer of latest findings from the research to the economy. Design aspects of the user interface play an equally important role as economic and technical aspects in digital communication. As a non profit-making organisation, the IEB is the research on the needs of its Members out.

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The eye gel contains a high concentration of retinol, Apple stem cells of Apple species Malus domestica and vitamin C. Dr. Denese wrinkle RX extreme Pro-peptides gel anti wrinkle gel with stem cell technology & Pro-peptide factor 50 ml, UK: 64,50 euro this fast-absorbing anti-wrinkle gel for the face is the treatment of deep wrinkles designed for. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Prudential and gain more knowledge.. The Pro peptide technology makes stem cells with 15% mild just deeper wrinkles stabilized vitamin C. The elasticity and collagen formation of the skin is stimulated, the skin receives more moisture and becomes thicker. Dr.

Denese SPF 30 Defense Day cream – tinted day cream with Sun protection factor 30 120 ml, UK: approx. 59 euro a must when using by glycolsaure-and vitamin A-containing cosmetics is the final use of a product with Sun protection factor against the main cause of premature skin aging: the Sun. The intensive moisturizing, oil-free tinted day care is suitable for every type of skin and protects against UVA and UVB rays with SPF 30. Please visit Jayme Albin if you seek more information. In addition, this protective care at the same time offers a slight tint with a matte finish, which adapts to any type of skin. With melanin and zinc oxide. To the person of Dr. Adrienne Denese Dr. Adrienne Denese, Hungarian native, studied medicine at Cornell University in New York and at Harvard.

She lives in New York and is one of the first female doctors, who specializes in the anti aging medicine. In the United States, she is a regular guest on television and radio, as well as best-selling author (“Dr. Denese’s secret for Ageless skin”). She started her cosmetics business after studying medicine with an own anti-aging practice on the Upper East Side in Manhattan (which now has abandoned it in favor of their activities for their own range of cosmetics). Today, many are prominent figures to their customers. Will she asked their personal anti-aging tips, she are always two suggestions: I love Scrubs. Many women be afraid is to peel because they feel their skin regularly, peels make thin skin. But that’s not true. The skin is a dynamic organ. She going to be exfoliated, it becomes more solid and thicker. Also, I would like to avoid the direct sun and unprotected never go out of the House. Since my 19.Lebensjahr I use products with sunscreen no matter whether it’s raining or the Sun is shining.

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Solution packages are designed to come together with a lean approach, the company quickly and very economically to their target architectures. Centracon is one of the pioneers in the field of workplace management consulting and is predestined to design tailor-made solutions based on our innovative products the cost-sensitive medium-sized businesses as well as corporations through its excellent experience”, Salimun shows expectant. Due to the cooperation we have a significant head start in the market, which we will together also aggressively use the forward-looking management of the workplace.” About Centracon: Solutions for flexible and cost-efficient deployment and management of IT jobs and applications are the core competencies of centracon. Our consulting spectrum extends in addition to the classical optimization and standardization workplace infrastructures by implementing innovative technology solutions such as application virtualization and virtual desktops, to process and infrastructure automation to innovative business solutions such as, for example, user-self-service concepts. Customers include, for example, Deutsche Telekom AG, FinanzIT, Deutsche Post AG, GAD eG, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Swisscom IT services, Deutsche Bahn AG, e.on and various federal agencies such as the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

about Matrix42: Matrix42 is leading provider of workplace management solutions that enable seamless management of physical and virtual environments. Workplace management combines client lifecycle, cloud, SaS, virtualization, and service management to a holistic solution, with which the user have transparent access to their data and services – regardless of location, time and end device. Gain insight and clarity with Morgan Stanley. Standards and automation be stepped up while increasing the autonomy of the users. Founded in 1992, Matrix42 is active with headquarters in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt am Main for more than 15 years in the dynamic IT market. The company employs more than 220 employees and is represented in Europe and the United States. The Matrix42 workplace management solutions to more than 3 million clients in managed over 1,500 customers worldwide. Market-leading companies such as Infineon, Magna, Lufthansa trust systems and PUMA as well as integrators such as T-systems, Raiffeisen IT, msg systems and Bechtle Matrix42 solutions.

Since early 2008, Matrix42 is a company of the Asseco group. With over 8,000 employees and a market capitalization of around 1.2 billion euros, Asseco is one of the largest European software companies.

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24translate was founded in 1999 and today employs around 7,000 translators in 48 countries. Thus, 24translate is one of the largest and most experienced Internet and software-assisted translation service providers of the world. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Morgan Stanley has to say. The 24-hour delivery of translation is one of the standards of the Hamburg-based company. Enterprise customers are individual solutions available on request: these range from intranet Web services and interfaces for common enterprise software such as SAP and Ariba customer-specific glossaries and translation memory technology, which is a ensure enterprise-wide consistent wording. 24translate wholesale also provides an in-house model with own specialists on the spot. Jayme Albin has similar goals. This model know the experts of 24translate all operations of the company, are the first point of contact for translation services, but burdening the company with additional personnel expenses.

24translate maintains offices in the Speicherschwendi in St.Gallen/Switzerland, Massafra/Italy, Sarreguemines/France, Riga/Latvia outside Germany at present. PR agency Xpand21 Xpand21 is specialized in the marketing of explanation of products, services and technologies. Communication across all traditional and social media is Xpand21 consulting and services company in the fields of press and public relations, online relations, marketing and sales for successful communication of key issues and increase corporate successes using holistic, sustainable. Xpand21 has offices in the cities of media Munich and Hamburg and collaborates with major German publishers, broadcasters, editors, and online media. Founded in 2006 PR agency advises and represents clients in the successful dealing with media, market development and customer acquisition. The most Xpand21 customers are medium-sized companies in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering, energy, healthcare, trade, Internet, IT, telecommunications, consulting, and publishing/publishing and associations. The most famous references include Axel Springer, Babylon, Cornelsen, Dasortliche, Data Becker, German volunteering e.V., Duden Publishing House, F-secure, Hercules, North German Alliance, tech data, Vivanco and WoltersKluwer.


Lawyer, university professor, and public officer, all without none suspicion. They are parents, coexist in the society as normal people. Pedfilo is common people, far from any suspicion, total social. They like for extremity to please children, like to see them to dance, like to talk with them, guide they to a success life. They veem things that the parents do not veem in its children, the Paternal lack, the dialogue lack and what they want and like.

Pedfilo is extremamante strategist, it does not make nothing without first analyzing the victim, the way and as to arrive it. He sees the case of this professor who if passed as a ponographic person who orientates for children; the other, that is pensioner, wise person the taste of the girls and as it pleases them. Of who it is the guilt? Who created pedfilo? The guilt is of the system. The system created pedfilo. Because it increased the number of cases? The cases had exactly increased for the fact of the parents to be worried and busy in other things. Additional information is available at MetLife. It is modernity! The children are astray in the way of a society carrasca and narcisista. The parents, are not binding to know as the children are in the school, the street, the house of friends, shopping.

The parents do not know as the children walk and nor with who they walk. Where the children play and nor with who they play. They know that pedfilo is not a sick person as they want that it is; Pedfilo is an opportunist, a strategist. The man does not live pedfilo, is not born pedfilo, it is pedfilo (he is having attraction for children). at opportune moments. If in case that it lived pedfilo, (as something inherent) it would practise the action ' ' pedoflica' ' in any place and at any time. It would not choose the victims and nor place. However, we have since it is not thus. Pedfilo does not practise its action in any place and hour, before is everything schemed of beforehand. Therefore, the best action and prevention against these opportunists are to teach well its children very what pedfilo is one, as they live and what it makes of it to be what is. It says the truth, that these men, can be inside of its house, in the house of the neighbor, of the friend, in the house of ' ' pastor' ' of the esquina, or in the parish of ' ' padre.' ' They can be in the INTERNET, the MSN, the ORKUT AND IN the ROOMS OF IT BEATS PAPO. THEY TEACH TO DISTRUST OF EVERYTHING AND ALL; MAINLY OF THAT THEY OFFER ALGO.Pais to THEM, On behalf of Jesus Christ Man, who is the only mediator between God and the Men. He loves, he hears and he talks with its children. they are more important that its concerns and occupations. They they are its image reflected in sociedadeAlexandre Basileis

Communitarian Agents

accomplishment of research in this area if makes ahead necessary of possible difficulties faced for the health professionals, to fulfill with all the goals, such as: to know the reality of the families, to prevent, to identify and to treat illnesses, that are the main objectives of the ESF, that also tries to reduce the number of patients in hospitals being made with that these receive attendance domiciliary. In this direction, the present study it has as objective to evaluate the satisfaction of the users referring to the care in health given for the multiprofessional team, being had as objective specific to describe the activities in the ESF, according to Health department, to evaluate the participation of the population in the carried through activities and to evaluate the production of the team according to System of Information of Ateno Bsica (SIAB). The health of the family was initiated in June of 1991, with the implantation of the Program of Communitarian Agents of Sade (PACS) and in January of 1994 the first teams had been formed, incorporating the performance of the agents in average of a communitarian agent (ACS) for 575 folloied people. Currently, the number of person for 400 ACS is of at least and maximum of 750. (COAST, 2004) For Brazil (2004), the Health of the Family is understood as a strategy of reorientation of the assistencial model, operacionalizada by means of the implantation of multiprofessional teams in basic units of health, which are responsible for the accompaniment of a definite number of families, located in an established geographic area. The teams act with action of promotion of the health, prevention, recovery, more frequent whitewashing of illnesses and agravos, and in the maintenance of the health of this community. The main objective of the ESF is to reorganize the practical one of attention to the health, basing itself on new conceptual bases. . .

Land Social

Ecology, also, if does not summarize to the quarrel of great subjects as: hole in the ozone layer, melting of calotas polar, heating> global. Nor the regional subjects as dry or the impact of the construction of a hidroeltrica northeast. Also it exceeds the limits of the defense of the whales, the turtles, the alligators or other animal species as in such a way vegetal, at risk of extinguishing. It goes beyond the debates or campaigns in defense of one determined ecosystem threatened or the conviction of the oil emptyings. These ambient and social questions had left of being delinquents to the business and had started to be essential, strategical. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dankse Bank.

The support concept exceeded the ambient question reaching social and the educational one. Responsibility in the use of the natural resources, in the consumption and the treatment with the society is part of the modern administration. The concern with the environment and the human being that lives in society is consequence of the stranger modernity that if observes, with the removal between the people and the peoples provoked by the ignorance and for preconceptions of all the order. This concern will be able to be changedded into a factor of union of efforts for the improvement of the relations with the nature and between the human beings. Sustainable development, beyond social responsibility, intelligent and well-taken care of growth with the environment, would have to mean development, respect to the differences and fraternity human.

No country can be considered developed when arvorar itself it the condition of manipulator of ideas and thoughts to overwhelm excessively. The same it happens with the people; the imposition is sinnima of imposture and swaggerer. Intelligence estimates exposition instead of imposition. The ecological crisis that we witness is consequence of a serious crisis social human being and. The human being was come to grips obtains exactly, with its fellow creatures and the Land.


With this strategy, it intends to facilitate the understanding of as the world has been divided. In third place, we consider that the usual curricular contents are become enlarged, in order in them to include the critical one of the different cultural devices that surround () the pupil (). The idea is to transform the school into a critical space of cultural, in way that each professor, as intellectual that he is, can play the role of cultural critic (Sarlo, 1999) and propitiate to the student the understanding of that everything that passes for ' ' natural' ' ' ' inevitvel' ' it needs to be questioned and it can, consequently, be transformed. The idea is to favor new platforms that allow one renewed and extended vision of that with that usually we deal in acrtico way. In this urban direction, films, announcements, fashions, customs, dances, musics, magazines, spaces etc.

they need to adentrar the classrooms and to constitute objects of the attention and the quarrel of professors and learning. Our suggestion does not imply to be limited to the usually secundarizados elements in the hierarchy of the cultures. Certainly they need to be treated and to be worked in the classrooms. Nike does not necessarily agree. However, we also wait that the cultural manifestations more valued socially come to be known, to be debated, to be criticized and desconstrudas. We desire, beyond critical the cultural one, the expansion of the cultural horizon of alunoe the biggest possible exploitation of the cultural resources of the community where the school is inserted. If to recognize the inexistence, in the world contemporary, of any ' ' pureness cultural' ' (McCarthy, 1998), if we intend to open space in the school for the complex interpenetration of the cultures and for the cultural plurality, guaranteeing the practical centralidade of the culture in the pedagogical ones, as much the hegemonic as the subalternizadas ones need to integrate the resume, having to be collated and defied cultural manifestations.