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The Municipal

In summary, the disordered migration provoked by adverse social conditions finishes producing the magnifying and dissemination of serious and still more degradantes social conditions. 4) AUTONOMY POLITICS: The placed boarding however aim at, mainly, to give to greater autonomy and responsibility to the Advice of Rights and To tutor, therefore they operate in the municipal […]


If we came back to the times of Christ and of the apstolos we would see that one of the tonic of its lives was the eternity. The message that Christ announced was the inclusion of a perpetual intention in the life of the men, it said regarding the kingdom of God and its implications […]

United States School

But this emphasis that the Government gave to the house duty, was only one strategy to increase the pertaining to school productivity, because of the urgency to exceed the economic competitors. In 1976, the house duty would reproduce the social inaquality and considered that the professors assumed its supervision in the place of the parents […]