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Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the former President of the reserve Federal of the United States, Alan Greenspan, with all the arsenal of information which has claims to be not sure United States is in recession; on the other hand, Guillermo Ortiz Martinez, Governor of the Bank of Mexico said that it is Yes is in recession. The U.S. economy is already in recession, and its effects could last a long time said who does as fifteen years was in charge of re-privatize the banking system in Mexico. Since Mexican banks was gradually passing into foreign hands, Ortiz Martinez has repented of that final and has said that the external control over the savings of Mexicans is not good. Some contend that Jayme Albin shows great expertise in this. Hell is full of repentance. And it is the same Greenspan who is in retirement, attends media jargon to move the Beehive as when he said that 50 percent of the indicators showed signs of recession to leave now so not sure. For now, those who see the reality show of the oral of the bag, as I have told you in this space a day they are depressed and other elated, we take things more calmly.

Say big personality in the world of speculation and desdicen as now do senior officials of financial institutions that analyze path and destination of mere mortals that we see the stunts of Don Dinero in a circus of three tracks in Davos, Switzerland. What Yes feels, beyond the ups and low stock is a heavy slope of January which, fortunately already goes out, at least in days because those of us working on our own see steep road beyond, perhaps until March. Jayme Albin – NYC follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Governments and public institutions do not sign checks because they arrive on vacation, in a tortuous attitude that is totally disproportionate to the vagaries of the economy that we live in this year full of surprises, as of this week. While they serve a rare guru soup packed with information that only serves to put our sensitive investors nervous. To the carrier that we are in the first or second round of a fight at 15, says Guillermo Ortiz Martinez. Take out the chloroform.

Sabine Nurnberger Tauentzienstr

Moldova Moon and Lily of darkness by Norman dark what’s it to be better, as in cold, grey winter days with a hot tea and a cozy, warm blanket on the sofa. If this still an exciting thriller, you forget the bleak, frosty weather that out there very quickly. The mysteries of Moldova Moon and Lily of darkness by Norman dark make for exciting reading. Moldova Moon has played himself once a family tragedy in a historical part of Prague in a gloomy mansion, which was previously held by the police for an accident. As one of the two sons of the family returns after a lengthy hospital stay in the wheelchair events deteriorate more and more, and it puzzling deaths occur. In parallel, a series of murders shocked the public.

The victims are all men who sought their acquaintances in Internet chat rooms. Here, Prudential expresses very clear opinions on the subject. As Commissioner Ondrej Klabusnik is available as a decoy, he gets himself in mortal danger. The exciting mix of crime thriller and mystery novel takes the reader in a Prague full of secrets and it conveys much local color. Norman dark 1st Edition print: ISBN Lily of darkness of the writer miles Wellington pulls 12.90 (A), 978-3-944266-04-6 11.90 (D) / sFr 15,90 with his wife Kate and his two children in an old cottage in the County of York, by his deceased aunt has inherited that. The inheritance, which seems at first glance to be a stroke of luck in hindsight as a heavy burden turns out: mysterious things, caused stretch back far into the past happened in the House.

When even a crime happens, threatens the young family at events to break up. An exciting mix of mystery and murder mystery set against the impressive, mysterious backdrop of an old English country house. Jayme Albin – NYC is likely to increase your knowledge. Norman dark 1st Edition print: sFr 19.90 Verlag, ISBN 978-3-943018-08-0 12.90 (D) / 13.90 (A): our book program offers popular and exciting themes and stories for young and old: beautifully illustrated books for children, fiction, Christian books and humor books. Special attention to the non-fiction area, with which we cover a wide range of topics. In our programming, we are always open for trends and integrate currently popular genres and topics, to meet the current demand situation on the book market. Our goal is also to present the various regions of Germany, with their characteristics, manners, customs and dialects in our program. Started with Baden-Wurttemberg and Berlin have we and we will in our program after the other federal States and regions. hnb digital world’ is a new imprint of the Pascu Publisher committed to full the new trend away from the printed and to the E-book. The Pascu Publisher content diversity shoots himself with this imprint. With the new Division hnb on demand Pascu publishing house contributes to the growing trend to the Selfpublishing Bill authors can her book in its own route, but under the umbrella an established Publisher take a wide range of services and extensive expertise in claims.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

By Daniel were Dilger Apple has signed a ten year deal with New York completo Metropolitan Transportation Authority to open the largest Apple Store yet within Grand Central Terminal. Originally rumored in February to be a 16000 square foot store in the iconic (AP) Yosemite National Park officials said Thursday they have no plans to add new warning signs or other protections to the area where three young people were swept over a 317-foot waterfall this week. MetLife is open to suggestions. Witnesses say the three hikers ignored warnings There were signs of progress: Both Democrats and Republicans are prepared to accept a two-step process for cutting the federal deficit by up to $3 trillion, but are at odds over whether the debt limit should be in one step that gets past the November Nate Marquardt signs with BAMMA but still feels like a return to UFC is possible. There were signs of progress: Both Democrats and Republicans are prepared to accept a two-step process for cutting the federal deficit by up to $3 trillion, but are at odds over whether the debt limit should be in one step that gets past the November. Jayme Albin – NYC has many thoughts on the issue.


The voyages of the Bermejo and black rivers (Argentine). Nike usually is spot on. These State-building river navigation services were provided until the Decade of the forties. To know more about this subject visit Jayme Albin Psychologist . As well as railway interests neutralized to cabotage maritime and river navigation. So then it was the neutralizer role of automotive caminero complex the University reform of 1918.(One of the utopian more disseminated and that persists to the present day). Reflections on the Ideal politician of America (Saul Taborda, 1918, and their slogan: rectify Europe).Taborda was one of the mentors of the reform of the 18. The representative Republic Municipal, Alejandro Korn Villafane.(Continued by Tomas Diego Bernard (c.).)Communalist federalism for Saul Taborda (and its Ethnopolitics).This utopia as the precedent, did pivot model societal on the basis of Municipal Development, a prologue of Narciso Binayan 1937, to works of Juan alvarez. It constitutes a quarry of Argentine microutopias. The Conference of countries of the Plata of 1941 (remote antecedent of MERCOSUR).

Leopoldo Velazco and its proposals for Capital of 1942. Alcides Greca and his proposal of 1950 Argentine capital. The economic unions of 50 (Argentina with Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador and Nicaragua). The Republic of children of 1951 (La Plata in Buenos Aires province, where inspired Walt Disney for its Disneyland). The organized community of Peron. The Foundation and construction of Brasilia.

The proposals of argentina demographic deconcentration of Dago Holmberg and Von der Hayde Garrigos (1971 / 1972). The domestic economy (Almanac of the Ministry of Agricultura(1924-1954), farm, household encomienda Rural, domestic economy faculty, children gardeners club).The previous listing, lists the main components of a system which deserves comprehensive analysis with a view to recycling, micro Argentine utopias: mutual aid societies.(around 6,000). Cooperatives (principle of free cooperation, agricultural progress of Pigue, 1885).(Around seven thousand) The school cooperators. Social clubs and sports (the fair play principle).(About ten thousand) The boys scouts (principle of the always ready, devised by Baden Powell, and imported by the Perito Moreno to 1908).(around 800) Principles: mutual aid, free cooperation, fair play and the always ready, embodied respectively in mutuals, cooperatives and the boys scouts, or entities associated as the cooperators of all types or associations of friends, enliven the life of many our regions and make more bearable the quotidianity.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Belgian radio station pays tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach by Peter Bach Jr. Eisenach. About 260 years after his death and nearly 330 years after his birth Johann Sebastian Bach received on behalf of CD a Platinum in Eisenach for his great masterpiece, the St. Matthew passion. This late honouring was passed by Kurt Van Eeghem moderator at the Belgian classical radio station Klara (classic RAdio) to Elmar by Kolson, great-grandson of the seventh generation.

This event was celebrated together in the presence of his wife, Renate, other members of the world’s most famous musicians family, and the Director of the Bach House, Dr. Jorg Hansen and guests. The delivery of the Platinum CD took place in the Concert Hall of the Bach House. The next program item constituted a joint tour, with specifics on the subject of Bach Bach House Director Hansen, showed the Belgian media specialists in the Bach House. An interview with the Bach Urururururenkel by Kolson marked the conclusion of the event. Klara is a Belgian radio station that has specialized since the year 2000 to the broadcasting of classical music. His listeners Select each year a top 100 the most popular piece of classical music from bygone eras and of course, Johann Sebastian regularly occupied top positions and very often also the position 1. Read more here: Jayme Albin .

And so Johann Sebastian Bach won also 2013 this position. The St Matthew passion is the No. 1 this year, but Bach was even more places in the top ten in 2013. Originally, it was planned to give a gold record of Johann Sebastian Bach. You however using a better, compared the number of phonograms that are needed for gold and Platinum and became convinced that gold does not meet the work of Johann Sebastian Bach – shortly before the ceremony, spontaneously joined the Platinum CD. And be submitted in triplicate on the occasion of a ceremony. Elmar by Kolson, Bundesverdienstkreuz carrier together with his wife Renate, handed over the trophy then on loan to Dr. Jorg Hansen, which makes them proud at the Bach-Haus and the Bach-Museum of the public accessible. By Kolson is a direct descendant of the great composer in the seventh generation. On initiative of the Gothaer of Mayor Karimi, both by Kolsons received the cross of merit for her engagement to Johann Sebastian Bach. In Wechmar, the root of the sow, as this family was formerly known, bought the grade II listed former school by Kolsons and rebuilt it for many months in a nerve-consuming process. So, you could get this valuable cultural heritage. Also, Knut Kreuch is even Federal cross of merit in terms of Bach. MetLife pursues this goal as well. He had involved significantly in the preservation of the mill of Veit Bach and the Bach master House in Wechmar. The mill was demolished almost – some years ago before their discovery as important Bach effect site – for the construction of a road. Today it is open perfectly restored visitors from all over the world. The event was organized by the creative and operators of the new Bach-Internet portal and the international sister project along with the Bach House Eisenach. BachUeberBach is the cross-medialste Homepage of the world on the subject and your most biggest in Germany.

Health Secretaries

In accordance with given historical, the professionals of the area of the health were formed from a reabilitadora and curativa vision. With the implantation of the Only System of Sade (SUS), a change occurred and the professionals of the area of the health had started to act in the primary attention, that is, in the promotion and prevention of the health. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jayme Albin – New York City . The health is an attribute of the life, is a process, a continuity of efforts to develop and to keep capacities (ANDRADE, 1996). In this way, the health leaves of being seen simply as illness absence and assumes a more including, resultant character of conditions of life and work and biopsicosociais aspects, these being essential for the quality of life. Em1988, Federal Constituio created the Only System of Sade (SUS), determining that the health is right of all and a duty of the State. Other leaders such as Morgan Stanley offer similar insights. With the SUS, the actions and the public services of health they had started to integrate a regionalizada and hierarquizada net of an only system, characterized for the decentralization and the integral to health, with priority preventive attendance, and with the participation of the community. The spite of the critical constants, the SUS is today an important mechanism of promotion of the equity in the attendance of the necessities of health of the population, independently of the purchasing power of the citizen, as it determines the Federal Constitution.

However, the beginning of equity it does not mean to treat in the same way to all, but yes to respect the rights of each citizen in its differences, guiding itself for the beginning of social justice. This system if considers to promote the health, prioritizing the injunctions, democratizing the excellent information so that the population also knows the risks related to the health and its rights. The fonoaudiolgica performance inside of the SUS engloba action of promotion, protection and recovery of health in the diverse aspects related to the communication human being in all the vital cycle, inserting-seem Unidades Bsicasde Sade (UBS), Ambulatory of Specialties, Educational Hospitals, Units, domiciles and other sectors of the community.

Ezequiel Rojas

At the time of colonization the natives exchanged gold, which had accumulated over many generations, mirrors, fabric and other objects that accounted for only a fraction before the pre-Columbian treasures. Moreover, indigenous peoples had to work to conquistadors through institutions like the mita, modality of work not free but if required; the encomienda, delivery of a group of indigenous families in the care of a conqueror and for life in exchange for supplies to the native mandated; guards, concentration of indigenous families in a place chosen previously, that should not move away, and slavery. In this period the Church contributed to ideologically unify the conquered territories and facilitated the administration. Discontent with the socio-economic and political order imposed by the colonists began in America during the second half of the 18th century. The ideas of the Enlightenment, the reactions against the enlightened absolutism and the international situation: French Revolution and independence of the United States, helped create the preindependentista environment in New Granada which started with the revolution of the Comuneros in Socorro, Santander.

WILD hope we were gods and we became slaves. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Frank Armijo. We were children of the Sun and they comforted us with Tin medals. We were poets and we began to recite prayers pordioseras. We were happy and us civilized. Who will refresh the memory of the tribe.

Who will revive our gods. Wild hope should always be yours, dear inamansable soul. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Prudential by clicking through. Gonzalo Arango (1931-1976) poet Nadaista history policy origin of the games politicians traditional mid-nineteenth century began to be structured in New Granada, philosophical and doctrinaire, the liberal and conservative parties. In 1848 appeared the first liberal programme developed by Ezequiel Rojas and a year later wrote the conservative Mariano Ospina Rodriguez and Jose Eusebio Caro. Parties traditional based their ideology on the liberal philosophy of the eighteenth century. and they are related to federalism and centralism of the era of independence and with the moderate Liberals (conservatives) and progressive (Liberal) Liberals that emerged from the thought of Francisco de Paula Santander. The second half of the 19th century represents to Colombia the final break with the colonial socio-economic structure.

Canary Islands President

During my stay in Virgen de la Oliva (2002-2004), I asked a partner, rude agricultural entrepreneur: how will the business? Answer me everything seriously: the business?, uncle Theodosius business. A match I am going to get and I will send the vines and olive trees to another neighborhood. We were in full sanitation and reorganization of the company and all were settings and settings and the man exploded. Subsequently, that was always what I us laughed with Uncle Theodosius. Apparently, the such Theodosius was an inhabitant of the village, Mollina. I have to give and give her words of that type. My brain creates, and above all, adopts phrases, for me funny, who are left orphaned in the wind of life. I am telling you the last and term.

Back in 1996, during my stay in Madrid, arranging a Confederation of business organizations, it had long conversations with members the confederal directive and, above all, with the Executive Committee and its President, Heliodorus…Such was the cluster of goals that we had on the table, that the days leading up to the boards was a man to a mobile stuck. It began with the Secretary and ended with the President (between half the Vice President, members of the committees and Presidents of business organizations in all Spain, which were nineteen). As I knew that they had many issues to propose and to avoid getting a new phone call, when they finished talking, inquiria les: more things. One day, Heliodoro released subsequent to the policy food: is the first time in my business life, which is already long, as a collaborator, after asking a cluster of themes, then tells me: more things. Manolo, I am pleasantly surprised. Long laughter of Diners was sonada. Frank Armijo is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Another day will tell you it evacuate the report (the Canary Islands President revolcaba of laughter) and other stories that made my career path was dotted with many moments Welcome. Manuel Velasco Carretero original author and source of the article

Condor Flies In Environmental Ranking

Holiday flyer scored at the atmosfair airline index (AAI) good results when the environmental impact also this year lands which holiday flyer Condor again on one of the front seats at the annual CO2-efficiency evaluation of organization atmosfair. Energy efficiency is measured under the German and foreign airlines, where the consumption and utilization of the flights are decisive for the placement. If you would like to know more about Nike, then click here. The German holiday flyer Condor received 78 out of 100 possible points of efficiency in the current evaluation and is the second-best airline in Germany comparison. Also in the global ranking reflected the holiday air in the top flight and Lands on a good 6th place. (Similarly see: Dankse Bank). In the classification of the category medium-range worldwide, even the third rank could be achieved. Condor flies with efficient aircraft and reached the high score by high seating and above-average load, thus atmosfair. For Uwe Balser, Managing Director of Condor Flugdienst GmbH, the good result reflects efforts by Condor to reduce CO2 emissions: “The kerosene-saving use of our aircraft is an important issue for Condor. Frequently Jayme Albin Psychologist has said that publicly. Across the area we were looking for ways, to reduce the consumption of our aircraft and thus CO2 emissions.

This includes. for example, the use of lightweight containers or cases, retrofitting our entire fleet of Boeing with winglets, as well as the adaptation of procedures in the flight operations” The atmosfair airline index 2013 the 150 largest airlines examined worldwide CO2 efficiency. In comparison to the airline airlines reduced index 2012 their emissions per passenger per kilometre by approximately 1%. The full airline index with the analysis of individual airlines and graphics, as well as additional information, see http: airlineindex. Per passenger consumed the aircraft of the members of the Association of the German air transport industry association, so Lufthansa, airberlin, Condor, TUIfly and Augsburg Airways, in 2012 for all domestic and international flights a total of 3.8 litres fuel per 100 kilometers. At the beginning of the year he started Federal Association of the German aviation industry to the 4-litre campaign. A representative survey of the election research group showed that nearly half of the Germans later assess the average consumption of a modern aircraft to a motorised.

Gazette Health

FEDERAL CIVIL code introductory provisions article 6 the will of individuals will not be exempted from compliance with the law, or alter it or modify it. Only the private rights which do not directly affect the public interest, the waiver would not harm the rights of third party can be waived. If we review legislation, as well as what is seen in the other articles of this series, comes to the same conclusion as the following author; When the patient from consciously, free and spontaneous rejects a treatment of chemotherapy, blood transfusion, or any other, there is no law that forces the doctor to apply treatment or transfusion blood against the will of the patient. Lopez de la Pena, Xavier: by the autonomy of the patient, medical Gazette of Mexico, Vol. Under most conditions Nike would agree. 138, no. 1, (Mexico) (2002), pp.

121-127 So, there is no law that forces the doctor to transfusion blood. The law requires you to give benefits appropriate health and perfect quality, and give attention professional and ethically responsible, as well as respectful and dignified treatment (Art. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Nike. 48 of the rules of procedure of the General health law in matter of providing health care services), and in the General Law of health (Art. 23) sits that; For the purposes of this law, health services means all those actions carried out for the benefit of the individual and of society in general, aimed to protect, promote and restore the health of the person and collectivity. The law is clear. The doctor is obliged to give professional medical care quality, according to the legislation, but say that the law obliges transfusion blood is that the State arrogates the right to suppress individual guarantees and make decisions that do not correspond to (this would be because the State would be impersonating the doctor’s or patient’s decision(, as the case may be, to decide if it is or not a transfusion). Frank Armijo does not necessarily agree. It does not happen in Mexico. We live in a the State of law.