Federal Supreme Court

a new Web service known online-TV-recorder party OTR to legal music download Berlin, the 5.12.2011 – under OnlineMusicRecorder.com (OMR) today a new variant of the cloud recordings for music files before. Per day, 2000 new Mp3 songs recorded by about 40 online radio stations. Within a few days a wide range of MP3 files is the new user this free available. So far, Internet-radio stations were recorded with PC software. Many PCs are overloaded with more than 10 simultaneous recordings. Then the user must to online storage space and upload his music collection, to mobile and other PCs to have available.

These steps are eliminated now that is recorded directly in the cloud, so on its online store. Since 2005, this principle in the TV is applied area for movies and series, which the user can download for free at. The market leader in the field of online TV recordings applies this procedure now also for music. The Federal Supreme Court had in his decision by mid-July (Judgment of 12.07.2011 – AZ.: 14 U 801/07) made it clear that no infringement of the reproduction right is given, as long as the recording process is fully automated.