I believe that both things are true. The leader was born and is made the leader. There are aspects of the personality of the individual that are genetic and therefore are inherited, as they can be intelligence, temperament and other important skills. Also, there are other qualities that you can create or improve with training, work, training and experience, and through teaching and learning, the child is going to be progressively gaining until they become adult and are involved in this training process with specifics main of the same, parents, educators and specialists and technicians in certain matters. The atmosphere and the environment in which unfolds a person, and that is going to be decisive for their future training is also very important.

The true leader, begins to form from childhood and in college because you can view specific details of the presence of children who begin to show certain traits in his personality that leads them to an early age to practise as leaders in the respective groups that people form with which coexist or close to them I do not want to refer to those who are leaders in a particular moment of her life, because they have certain age more strength or more physical presence to others, those who sustain their eventual leadership supported in the law of the strongest, that eventually evaporates and if you do not have other virtues that support isthey are still leaders. I think that the leader is already born with innate qualities that are the foundation of what later can transform into the development of a leadership in specific activity. Then, the formation does that over time that natural basis go building and enhancing resting in a great preparation and a huge force of will..