Namibia Tours Discover A Great Country – Travel To Namibia

You must Namibia tours and-Safaris not on luxury and comfort without numerous first-class accommodations guarantee a first-class stay. Travel to Namibia an exceptional experience! Namibia is now stepped out of the shadow of his famous neighbour, South Africa, and presents itself as an attractive destination for nature lovers, animal lovers, and adventurers. It is necessary however to Namibia not luxury and comfort a relatively well-developed infrastructure without a trip, modern car and truly fantastic accommodation waiting! Namibia scores with many travellers due to its extraordinary landscapes and the diverse wildlife in many occurrences. During a Namibia travel several safaris offer themselves for example in the Etosha National Park where you are can stalk to the animals in the wild. Highlights of Namibia travel are among others the fish River Canyon, the Kalahari, Sossusvlei and the Damaraland. The best time to visit as many countries Africa it is mainly dry and hot in Namibia. Although rains are rare; they will usually but quite violently. Namibia is to designate as a year-round destination: at almost 320 days a year the Sun is shining.

However, it is definitely recommended to inform themselves before a trip to Namibia about the ideal time because some extremely different climate conditions in the various regions of the country. Culture and people is tours while Namibia again and again to know that there is not the typical culture of Namibia. The way of life of the people, their traditions and customs are a colorful Potpourri of influences of the peoples which had impact on Namibia in the last centuries. So, there are also many people, whose German ancestors used in the 19th century came to Namibia to trade in Namibia. Travelers often wonder how often they are addressed in Namibia on German. The language has survived here and used in ordinary.

However, the majority of the population does from the Ovambo tribe, they make up just under half of the population. There are more traditional tribes, all with their own customs. The most beautiful cities of the capital city of Namibia is Windhoek, the metropolis in the middle of the country, where 250,000 people live and work, and which has an international airport. The town is picturesquely located in a Valley and surrounded by mountains a good place to start a Namibia travel. Especially the seaside resort of Swakopmund, which every year attracts many visitors with its mild climate and its location on Ocean dunes is known in addition to Windhoek. Also worth mentioning is also LuDERITZ, the small town in the South of Namibia with a population of just 20,000. Nestled between sea and desert the city inspires visitors with their colorful Art Nouveau houses and their lovingly decorated facades. A trip means to Namibia fantastic accommodation close to animals and nature and the in line is also reflected in the beautiful accommodations of the country, with their environment, but provide a high degree of luxury and modernity. In addition to camps and lodges, there are beautiful guest farms and smaller hotels. “” For example the Wolwedans dunes lodge “and the Ongave game lodge” are particularly beautiful. Undertake an individual Namibia journey and experience the beautiful nature and the animal world, which met here. (ms)