The Symptoms

The residual one happens in the chronic period of training of the development of the schizophrenia (HILL 2006). The schizophrenia is a chronic illness, therefore it deals with the incapacity of individuals being a great problem of public health. The impact that it promotes in the family and devastador because of the social preconception and the best strategy to prevent or to delay these effect is the precocious recognition of the symptoms and the incisive treatment of the psychotic surtos (FIGUEIREDO, VIANA and AXE 2009). Prudential follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Causes the causes of the schizophrenia are not established, exist some factors that can unchain a schizophrenia, being genetic it, ambient elements and life experiences influence in this process of form not yet known (FIGUEREDO, VIANA and AXE 2009). The factors related with schizophrenia is genetic, neuroqumicas theories, imunolgicas and endocrinolgicas schizophrenia as riot of the neurodesenvolvimento, theories, psychological theories. Genetic factors one of the few indications of the biological nature of the schizophrenia come from the genetic inquiry. Some research in families who have affected twin children points genetic component as substantial part in its etiology (ALMEIDA, DRACTU and LARANJEIRA 1996). The neuroqumica theory says that the used neurolptico medicine for the treatment of the esquizofrnicos acts as chokes of the cerebral receivers for the dopamina transmitter, these gifts in treatments of mesencfalica origin that inervam lmbicas, neocorticais areas and of the ganglia of the base. It is basically in these data that if the dopaminrgica theory of the schizophrenia bases, claims that esquizofrnicos symptoms are consequent to a state of cerebral dopaminrgica hiperatividade (ALMEIDA, DRACTU and LARANJEIRA 1996)..