AIDS Mistake

If for the implemented circumstances of the life conscientiously or not. To be sad, desolate with the loss of the job, to make what? If feels enfadonho therefore left it. to make what? If the foods had lost the flavor, to make what? If it was not approved in that one so waited competition, to make what? If the grana did not give pra to buy that carro, to make what? If the flowers had lost its aroma, forms and shades, to make what? If its great love still did not appear, to make what? If it is only felt in way to a multitude, to make what? If it discovered that you have an illness type AIDS, HPV, to make HERE what? It looks at its return well and you will see that you are not only. If for everything this you even think about attenuating such problems with aprpria death! Bobagem. By chance already it stopped to deeply reflect on the intention Mr. for you? Already it looked for to verify where you have made a mistake, or acted it makes a mistake damente -? because it did not make it? One remembers that the son Of it, it passed for what it passed, and fmos we we made who it. Therefore as it gets over, repairs the errors he adjusts and them them. This is what it has to be fact, does not find? Spirit, searchs it and.