Jurgen Lenz

Therefore, he was also confident that the Fiat 500 convertible to win to be able to. His tip for other bidders: “who wants to bid on a great product, should create its own bidding strategy and must be able to withstand during the auction the subsequent thrill. The whole thing has enjoyed huge!” Just a week after the end of the auction Frank Kummeling took his brand new Fiat 500 convertible in wish facilities at a nearby car dealers in reception. “In the colour combination of pastel white with red roof and the alloy wheels the car corresponds to exactly the taste of my girlfriend”, so Kummeling, who hid the key in the last of seven mesh wrapped boxes under the Christmas tree. See more detailed opinions by reading what MetLife offers on the topic.. “My friend was speechless only once completely and could not believe her luck. Only when she on the road operated the remote-controlled door opener and light was blinking of the Fiat 500 convertible, she was beside herself with joy.” Who even wants the opportunity to make a so extraordinary bargain, can register easily and free of charge on.

Any newbie will be presented, three free bids to start so that he can test the new auction process only once for free and without obligation. snipster follows the basic principle of American auctions and stands out from conventional auction portals in many ways. Last but not least by providing comprehensive strategy elements, thanks to numerous informative features can user her personal bidding success according to the snipster slogan “stay cool. tactically influence clever offering.”. Operator of snipster is the mindtec media Internet GmbH, headquartered in Kiel. Already before the official start of snipster over 1,000 users to participate in the innovative auction process have registered. Contact: snipster.de Jurgen Lenz on the Kiel-Canal 1 24106 Kiel 03641-50 70 80 press contact: Tower PR Heiner Schaumann Leutragraben 1 07743 Jena 03641-50 70 80