Physical Education

In the year of 2007, few students if had presented for registration in the Program New Olmpica Mines Generation, that is, only 23 if had registered, despite the minimum number of students demanded by the firmed Accord enters the Municipal City hall of Teixeiras and the State secretary of Sport and Youth was 105. In this year, amongst the enrolled students (n=23), 73% (n=17) were of masculine sex and 27% (n=6) of the feminine sex. The ages of the students involved they had varied between nine and fourteen years of age, being that it predominated students with the age of 14 years. The majority of the students, in this year, had up to three brothers. The income of the families of the enrolled students in the year of 2007 varied comparative little if to the income of the students whom if they had inscribed in the year of 2006, therefore oscillated between R$ 200,00 and R$ 800,00. But, it fits to detach that the more common familiar income between the students was of a minimum wage.

In this year all the participant students of the Program studied in urban public schools of the city of Teixeiras/MG. In the year of 2007, it changed the profile of the involved professionals in the execution of the Program, therefore they had been enclosed professionals in formation of other areas of knowledge. Thus, the coordinating one was graduated Physical Education, the trainees was graduandos in Physical Education, Pedagogia, Domestic Economy and Social Service. In the year of 2008, new alteration was introduced in the implementation of the actions of the Program New Olmpica Mines Generation in the city of Teixeiras/MG, that is, was firmed an accord enters the Municipal City hall of Teixeiras and the State School Antonio Moreira de Queiroz for execution of this Program. Therefore, the students who would participate of the Program had passed to be indicated by the director and the supervisor of this school.