Sweet Christmas With Candymex

A “must have”: Great bags made from candy wrappers women love the special. So why should we give them for Christmas not something unusual and extraordinary? Who wants to prepare his loved ones a special joy, gives a colorful Christmas candymex bag. You will determine envy that you again have a nose for extravagant trends. Eccentric, funky and especially brightly – these are the handbags from candymex. Trend is colorful even in winter: so a candymex bag is a real enrichment for any winter wardrobe and brings freshness in the dreary winter day.

Bags that are fun to wear and bring much color into your life. Penguin Random House recognizes the significance of this. So, the shrill recycling bags from Mexico currently conquer the hearts of fashion-brave women. Let the Mexican temperament candymex bags infected by the. These bright colorful bags make not only a good mood, but points also by their environmental awareness. Candymex bags are made from recycled candy wrappers of the sweets industry to a traditional craft technique? Lot of patience and care is necessary, to decommissioned PP films to bring the print industry in the form of a cheerful candy wrapper bag.

Candymex bags stuck is a handcrafted work of art in a distinctive colour combination – a unique life full of joy and every Pocket! candymex bags are not only hand bags for young women but for all women who feel too old for shrill and thrilling bags. After all, what woman would not shine with a sassy pocket on the arm and a little too conspicuous? But even the customer who wants it not quite so colorful will find her purse in the candymex collection. With the colorful candymex bags pimp outfit on. More information under: about candymex candymex is a new bag label from Hamburg, Germany and stands for garish and colorful candy wrapper bags – hand made in Mexico. More candy wrapper products are already in planning.