Canon Muratori

in these, however, it was present, and thus he marked. Perhaps check out Dan Zwirn for more information. In this, however, elements gifts were, and Thus It marked. The third book of evangelho according to Lucas. The Third Book of the EVANGELHO according to Lucas. After the ascension of Christ, Lucas, the doctor, to who Pablo had brought as a jurist, wrote in its proper name, agreeing to seeming of Pablo. Ascension apstolos of Christ, Lucas, or doctor, Pablo Who hum way tinh as lawyer, IN Wrote Its proper Name, or pparently agreeing to that Pablo. However, it never saw you in the meat and, therefore, as he could follow, to count of the birth of John.

Not meanwhile, never elements SAW meat or nd Sir and, therefore, as It could continue to have John of the Birth. The Evangelho room is Joo, one of the disciples. The room and Joo EVANGELHO, hum two disciples. When its co-disciples and bishops had encouraged, John said: ' ' Fast with me during three days of today, and that we were disclosed, contmoslo ones to outros.' ' When Its co-disciples or Bishops and had encouraged John Said: ' ' Fast per three days With me Today, and disclosed that IN THEM IT WAS, year Others contmoslo uns' '. This night was disclosed Andres, one of the apstolos, that Joo must write everything in its proper name and that they must be reviewed. This disclosed to Andres Night WAS, hum two apstolos, Joo los Everything MUST write Its proper Name and that They must be reviewed. Therefore, even so several are taught early for some books of the Evangelho, do not make difference for the faith of the believers, a time that each one of all they was declared by a Spirit, on its birth, passion and resurrection, its association with its disciples, its double coming – its first one in humildade, when it was rejected, that already he passed, as in the real power, its time.

Dogmtica Theology

… The discovery of the secular dimension and history is one of the factors that had contributed for the sprouting of the theology bblica' '. How much to the philosophical rationalism, one sees that the same it also has a relation very next to the Biblical Theology. In the truth, the Biblical Theology as it disciplines distinct in the theological field is a product of the impact of the Iluminismo on the Biblical studies. However, main responsible for the sprouting of the Biblical Theology it was, perhaps, German theologian Johann Philip Gabler (1753-1826). Gabler was the first theologian to consider a separation between the Dogmtica Theology (systematic) and the Biblical Theology. In reason of the speech that Gabler pronounced in Germany in 1787 whose heading, ' ' Speech on the had distinction between the Biblical and dogmtica Theology, and the specific objectives of each one ' ' , some scholars have associated with its name the sprouting of the Biblical Theology as he disciplines distinct in the field of the theology. Commenting on the method presented for Gabler, theologian Eugene Merril made the following comment: ' ' Gabler; when presenting its proper method, presented three main points: (1) it must have a clear distinction between divine Writing and the human being; (2) it must have distinction between the Biblical theology and the dogmtica; (3) ' ' ours filosofia' ' (that is, dogmtica theology), it must be constructed on foundation of the religion (that is, Biblical theology) ' ' .

However, Johann P. Gabler was not the only theologian who started a work in direction the Biblical Theology, had others beyond it. However, even so other theologians have made something seemed, can themselves be affirmed that Gabler was the first one to present of explicit form the separation of the Biblical Theology of the Dogmtica Theology. Inside of a point of view each racionalista time, other theologians of the Biblical area had started to execute the metodolgicos principles presented by Gabler.

In Conjunct

Blessed they are our ways, many difficult, full times of thorns, but that Mr. in the guide among each difficulty and makes in them to arrive in the safe port, in correct destination certain e. Blessed they are our friends, angels sent by You, that they become walking more has led, but happy, and because not to say, fuller of Love. Blessed the moments in family, smile, outbursts of laughter of the children who full of life a home, of the tricks that liven up the environment, become it acolhedor, where the lovelessness does not have time, mark our history and in them it leaves homesicknesses of the time where we did not have the lesser notion of what it is to be great people. Blessed the moments where everything seemed to fall down, but back in deep of our heart something it said well: ' ' Either strong, I am with you, goes passar.' ' , and really it passed, as well as everything in the life it passes, and he is only kept the Love that we give, the affection that we receive from who we love. Blessed my life since the moment that I had the supreme happiness of the birth of a son, who to the all proves me instant that the Love it exists and it is in the candy appears of its smile.

Blessed my inspiration, soft enchantment that You similar me of this taking to other hearts the beauty of the poetry, the value of an affection, the truth of the words at difficult moments, the sincerity of each look. It always blesses this simple ones to be, that nothing it is if will not have Your presence in all the moments, and same that forget I me to the times you, you forgot never You me. that the force that me of these either safe port for all that one that comes in aid search, exactly that it is in a word of comfort. finally, that the blessings are to all, and that the heart says high more in all the instants, that aconchegue, fondles, protects, loves, as well as You loves to all without distino.' Andres Carim

Damson Saulo

It answered: Here it is me here, Gentleman. 11 He commanded you to it: He raises you, he goes to the called street Right and looks in house of Judas a man of called Tarso Saulo; therefore here it is that it is praying; This above-mentioned and rich text in details, when Saulo fell for land when seeing the Gloria of God. In (the v. 4), say that it heard the voice of Christ calling for the proper name. No longer (v.5) Saulo calls Christ Sir, in (v.6) the Christ it of the one order and it obeys, (v.9) it says that already it had three days that Saulo was without eating and to drink liquid and in (v.11) the Christ said the Ananias that Saulo was praying. Ahead of these truths we can affirm that Saulo had a genuine conversion.

It not even had received Christ in the heart and Christ already said with it, Saulo answered calling Jesus Sir, not and as many evanglicos that when Christ mentions itself to it call it you forgetting that in all the Bible it and data the name Sir. How many singers gospel irreverent, whose your hymns you attribute to the word it Christ as if it was not deserving of all honor and all louvor. (AP 17. 14) These will fight against the Lamb, and it will win them to the Lamb, because he is you you and the King Dos Reis; Christ gave an order so that Saulo entered in the city and it obeyed. New converted, only some hours of new birth, but already were obedient, many Christians advocate for itself the label of a conversion genuine, but in it practises what we see are people needing to be born of new, therefore in contrast to Saulo are people whom the Christ in the things disobeys simplest, in the most complex brothers imagine.