Today It Hunted

The Dreams of the Tati: DAY OF HUNTER When the unoticed sun already for Is lying the Tati candy For its deserved rest Well more than deserved! After one day, without very understanding Only leaves the smile to be valid As business card Leaves its message of love, good received Already with the closed eyes the way of the magic world Today it did not want beauties dresses or palaces Today It wanted a tent in the side of a lake wanted to be hunting of adventures That one that is eating fruits Going up in the twigs until up there In an adventure candy and amused hunted its hunted Its did not have to see with badness Nor much less wars was for the fruits That hunted Its thanks to the taste of it was for unknown treasures Treasure that was not gold did not belong nenhuns parents Nor little had enemy When she tired to jump, to dance To play Was for the hut to rest inside of the hut A treasure Inside of the treasure A book That one that it more liked to give to read Underneath of ‘ ‘ foot of livro’ ‘ (*) Reading, reading, reading. Adormeceu Dreaming in opening the eyes. It happened Waked up already it is Tati. Coated But it does not cry! I promise that it will come back, my beloved..