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The special extra: Both the cards and the Administration Web site can be in the company’s CI of the company. This strengthens the commitment of the employee with the company and serves as a unique means for the representation of the company. MasterCard offered continues to the possibility the employees for private use, to register for a SupremCard in the design of the company. The employee receives as a real credit card on a prepaid basis including current account functionality for transfers from the card. And without Schufaprufung and salary proof. Conclusion: The B2BCard in the individual desire design not only this advantage offers the B2BCard the company.

The online card management can be created in the CI of the company. Here the daily management reports of sales are legible and printable PDF. No cash advances, minute fast charging of the cards, optimal controlling and last but not least fast and professional customer service support. When it comes to the simplification of the Cost management, is the optimal solution for businesses the B2BCard. New York Life often says this. Payment account analysis. And save costs at the same time.

The Schwabische Bank AG which is Schwabische Bank AG is a private bank in the heart of Stuttgart, which offers its customers all the services a small universal bank for more information, B2BCard a collaboration between MasterCard International, Schwabische Bank AG and petFuel GmbH about. Focus is providing investment advice and asset management. The Schwabische Bank AG is independent and seeks the best solutions for its customers in the market. The motto of the Bank: “we are big enough and small enough to know our customers, to meet their needs”. About MasterCard International MasterCard International is a leading provider of global payment solutions. With a wide range of innovative services MasterCard supports its worldwide members in the areas of credit, debit, electronic cash, business-to-business and related payment. MasterCard leads a Well known and very common brands like MasterCarda, Maestroa, and Cirrusa family and is in more than 210 countries service provider for banks, cardholders and merchants. “The MasterCard award-winning Priceless advertising campaign” (Pricelessa) is now shown in 105 countries and 48 languages and so the brand MasterCard gives a global reach and presence. For more information, on the Internet:. About petFuel GmbH petFuel GmbH is a results-oriented IT consultants of the new generation. Tailored business solutions in the areas of software development, IT-supported collaboration and business intelligence are customised initiative analysed and implemented. PetFuel GmbH as a technical service provider for the Schwabische Bank AG and MasterCard International is available in the prepaid credit card cooperation. Technical processing, maintenance of the frontends as well as service for cardholders be performed by petFuel GmbH. Furthermore, petFuel GmbH offers suitable Partner programs for people interested in co-branding cards.