CASE STUDY: THE INSTITUTE OF WEIGHTS AND MEASURES OF THE STATE OF RIO DE JANEIRO Monograph presented to the Foundation State Center of Statisticians, Research and Formation of the Public Servers of Rio De Janeiro, as requisite end for the conclusion of the Course of Specialization in Public Administration & mdash; CEAP XVI. Person who orientates: Prof. Msc. Suriman Walnut Jnior Rio De Janeiro 2010 SUMMARY The study it has for objective to present the Institute of Weights and the developed Measures of the State of Rio De Janeiro, its constitution, activities and to investigate the possible ways to transform it into an excellency island. The information had been harvested from the internal reports and of the experience of the servers who are part of the institution.

For analysis, three landmarks of management had been established. One come back toward the exclusive activity of the State that withholds the monopoly of the action; another one, that contemplates the work force and finally, the relation of the institute with the society of future. It was also looked to demonstrate to the necessity of the alignment of the actions with the Government of the State and the Federal Government and the routes of the organization, that in the last five years moved of feio. One expects that this work is incorporated the strategical planning of the State, of form to provoke a reflection that has taken the organization to acquire a proper identity and the reinforcement of its administrative structure. Word-key: Autarchy. Contract of Management. Alignment ABSTRACT This to paper intends you present the Institute of Weights and Measures of the State of Rio De Janeiro (Rio De Janeiro Institute of Weights and Measures), its constitution, the activities it develops, and you investigate the feasible means you make it an isle of excellence.