Internet Generation

Perhaps these young so is not engaged politically how much the previous generation, but its enrollment is very strong when it is about causes that have moral affinity with its ideals and values. Questions related to the sexuality, culture, and with great prominence, the desire of sharing of the ativismo directed to the ambient and sustainable questions. ' ' the users of the Internet between 18 and 24 years are the group less inclined to send official a public email or to make a donation politics online. But when he treats yourself to use web to search notice on politics or to adhere the causes in the social nets, them if they keep to the front of any another person. Instead of if leaving of the estimated one of that they genuinely more are engaged in the politics, perhaps alone they want to share the ativismo with its pares.' ' (Institute Pew Research) Generation Y and the ambient ativismo In the North America and Brazil, the young citizens of the Internet Generation have conscience of the following facts: 1) The environment is being degraded very fast and disastrously; 2) It is necessary that drastic attitudes are taken in relation to the use of energy sources and substances cousins; 3) Paradigms must without modified in relation to the way as the ambient questions are boarded socially Parallel to the development of the digital technologies, it in recent years appeared the necessity of if creating a new concept of support and a new vision of ambient journalism.

During much time subjects that they approached the environment was treated superficially, and in way conservative for the traditional medias (radio, TV, magazine). One prevented to generate questions controversies on the subject so that it did not have conflict with the ideals of the communication vehicles, and of that they were on direct or indirectly they. In the specific case of the televising way, Lucia Guido 6 detaches the fact of that the videogrficos clippings of ambient devastaes are used in the televising productions with sensationalist character, is of context and without an adequate boarding of the causes and the consequences of the ambient disasters. In Brazil, the first telejornal to treat on thematic the ambient one was the Reporter Echo 7, in 1992, but of this time with serious intention to approach the environment and the support in deepened way. The ambient journalism must engage politics, culture and socially, so that if it has basement enough to face corporations, the same government or the institute of research, on of some form to the not-sustainable economic model. Eliana de Souza Rasp 8 believes that the communication professional must make responsible in fact for what she propagates. Alberto Dines said that one of them pillars of the interactive triad of the journalistic actions is the ethics, ' because we are responsible for the effect of our work and ours interven.