Mindjet Power Makers: New Dimension Of Interactive, Visual Information Maps

Dynamic hit conveys immediately list with priorities, deadlines and resources an overview of critical action points in Alzenau, 05 May 2011 – Mindjet, the leading provider of productivity software for enterprises, as well as Internet-based applications to Visual organize and manage information and ideas, offers now Mindjet power marker v3 for all users of MindManager, a quick and easy solution to categorize and highlight priorities, Resource allocations and upcoming deadlines need. Mindjet power marker by the company acquired Haihou consulting, a participant of the Mindjet developer program. Power marker version 3 is available from Mindjet product immediately as fully supported. Mindjet power markers supplemented indexed lists the interactive, Visual maps from MindManager. These enable the users to find key information quickly. A special introductory price of 49 euros is valid until June 30, 2011. The product will be at the following address now downloaded: power marker.

The indexed list created by power marker bring the map content in a linear view that can be easily transferred into other applications. The lists are created automatically on the basis of the existing tags and tags in the maps. Also the solution selects topics with the same characteristics, sorts them and combines them together in lists. Then they are placed in a navigation window next to the map. So, users of complex maps in a window can see all tasks that are not yet completed. By a simple click on a task they can jump directly to the respective position in the map – even if it is hidden in a deeply nested level.

Power marker is offered as an add-on for Mindjet MindManager version 8 and MindManager version 9 for Windows. The introduction of power marker shows how open our API and the Mindjet Developer Network are”, says Uwe Richter, Vice President & General Manager EMEA at Mindjet. The Mindjet Developer Network is a source of the ideal tool to think, create, plan and organize are excellent ideas, our over 1.8 million customers by Mindjet worldwide great value offer.”MindManager maps”, so Nick Duffill, founder of Haihou consulting. List views are handy when it comes to prioritize and launch actions. Power marker is designed to offer the best features of both views of MindManager users.” Mindje the Mindjet software solutions bring together people, ideas and information visually, improve business processes, increase personal productivity and promote innovation. As the only provider, Mindjet combines a Visual productivity application (mind mapping) with a comprehensive collaboration platform. When it comes to the implementation of sales plans, project management, strategic planning, brainstorming and meetings or simply organization, MindManager to master every challenge. More than 1.8 million users and 48 of the top 50 of the most innovative Companies worldwide”(BusinessWeek) are already working with MindManager and improve their productivity and the efficiency of their teams. Surveys have shown that Mindjet can increase productivity by up to 25 percent because meetings, daily communication and project management are more effective and efficient. There are the Mindjet products as purchase or rental version at or through an extensive partner network. Mindjet was founded in 1997. The company headquarters is located in San Francisco and there are offices in Europe and Asia. Press contact: Mindjet GmbH Felicitas von au head marketing roof & EE Siemensstrasse 30 63755 Alzenau Tel: + 49 (0) 6023 9645 508 HBI international PR & MarCom Antonia contato account Director Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 99 38 87 42 fax: + 49 (0) 89 93 02 445