One Night

Mercedes Castro collaborates as well with the event organized by the center of information a. Muller because tamen told us. The event will take place on Saturday at 2100 hours in the Plaza of Fonte de Ramos of Sanxenxo and will feature the selfless performance of various groups. The information centre to the women of Sanxenxo is a resource of global intervention, through advice, information, comprehensive support and awareness of the community to enforce the equality of rights and opportunities between men and women. For this reason we continue year after year from our Center in activities against this type of violence. Specifically this year, counting on the collaboration of the FEMP and the INJUVE, have planned a small campaign I also tale of raising awareness of this issue among the male population younger and open to all ages. This has been designed to perform a velada-concierto on 11 September, that has as its main theme the awareness against gender-based violence. Activities that are going to develop are:-elaboration and dissemination of information, by way of advertising posters graphic material your pasted on the busiest points of the Town Hall, plates with the motto of the project, as well as the delivery of leaflets in strategic locations in the city and during the concert with information about what is gender-based violence and telephone numbers.

-Evening concert: Who shall bring the musical note and groups that collaborate selflessly: DELAHOJA, AID and POP MARVEL and backed by a public figure, Mercedes Castro, which presents the concert, the sympathetic dona Amelia’s father Casares TVG series. DELAHOJA, group of HIP HOP, based in Pontevedra. Its components have a unique style and refined that remains latent in his musical creations, where the Spanish and Arabic melt to flow quite naturally. The influences of individual components, derived from rap, reggae and dancehall, and the mixture of languages resulting from the interaction of cultures of its members, are the essential characteristics of the strong style that presented. AID, young artist but with great force that rejects the macarreo and rappers stereotypes and that bet by a clean rap and values.Telecommunications engineering student at City olivica, Aid began to delve into hip-hop at age twelve. Aid is also the newly-winner of a contest through MySpace. POP MARVEL, pop group from Pontevedra, which will perform an acoustic with two guitars.

Pop to listen to. Pop for storytelling. Music for fun. Music for us. Music for you. The godmother and presenter of the Act will be Mercedes Castro, natural Galician actress of As Pontes and that is well known for his role of Dona Amelia in the TVG father Casares series. Schedule of the concert I also tale against violence against women 21: 00 I start of the evento.presentacion of the project also tale by the godmother Mercedes Castro and acknowledgements in charge of the Director of the center of information to women: Diana Nazara 21: 15 reading manifest and presentation of musical performances, brief description of the hand of Mercedes Castro participating groups. do 21: 30 performance of the pop group of Pontevedra in acoustic Marvel Pop 22: 00 performance of AID Delahoja action 23: 00 24: 00 closing of the act more information: Silvia Bermudez (CEGAFOR) 986 104 092.*Visita our group on facebook and follow us: #! / group.php? gid = 144664442236712 original author and source of the article