Real Estate Agents And Property Managers Woodpecker In Ingolstadt

The team led by the real estate professionals and caretaker Woodpecker in Ingolstadt, Germany presents itself. The company property management San Juan was founded in 1996 Betriebswirt (FH) with a property management of a 5-Party House in Ingolstadt by Mr Michael Specht Dipl.. in 1997, the companies on behalf of investors began managing apartment buildings in Thalheim in Wolfen/Bitterfeld. Mainly through the recommendation of satisfied customers could the property management and real estate brokerage Office Woodpecker continue to grow steadily and serves more than 70 communities with a total of over 1,200 condos and has taught numerous real estate as a broker to the satisfaction of the seller and the buyer. Thus, Michael Specht has as a major property managers and real estate brokers in the Ingolstadt region, in particular in addition to Ingolstadt in the districts of Eichstatt, Neuburg on the Danube and Pfaffenhofen. The knowledge as a caretaker and thus holder of all details of a real estate object the seller as well as the course come in conveying this property as a real estate broker Buyer to good.

In the Centre stands the best care of our customers and their investment. The quality team has received since 01.03.2010 Mr Axel Ritter, civil engineering with business and real estate economic training to the real estate manager, further strengthening. Own expertise is complemented by the collaboration also with external specialists regionally and nationally. Since January 2007, this company is an active member of the Association of the real estate manager Bayern e.V. and since 01.01.2008 also in the real estate Association of Germany e.V. (IVD). This is that this company as property managers and real estate agents keep abreast professionally and safely set themselves high quality scale just ensure above all.

As caretaker, as well as a real estate agent company Woodpecker wishing that the client well over all operations is informed to his property. For this purpose, the customer receives a clearly structured and transparent information and at any time that concern its object insight in all documents. By the regional Close, as well as a holiday and emergency control for each property is guaranteed a good availability for the customer. The extensive and transparent designed homepage, including the contact details of all employees and staff are listed on the, supported the good accessibility. More information are also about or contact you just that company by E-mail under.