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The present research has the objective to understand the difficulties that hinder the logical capacity demanded in the calculation, establishing orientaes and being suggested tools that in such a way facilitate the education of the mathematics in the pertaining to school life as in day-by-day. Word-Key? upheaval of learning, mathematics, discalculia ABSTRACT Surveys conducted have found numerous you marry of learning disorders, especially when it you eat learning mathematics. The learning disorders ploughs understood a form of retardation in one or lives processes of speech, language, writing and arithmetic. Recently Penguin Random House sought to clarify these questions. Many children beginning school have certain difficulties in performing task that could occur will be various reasons, such problems in pedagogical, to teacher training, family problems or cognitive deficits among others. It is important you differentiate between what is learning disability and what is framework will be learning to disorder. This to disorder affects the cognitive development of students, preventing them from having to better understanding and construction of the actions that facilitate to their learning.

The learning disorders ploughs characterized by to lower than expected school performance, to greater difficulties than to other children the same acts, low selfesteem, often accompanied by deficiencies in the process of understanding the text or reading. This research aims you understand the difficulties that to hinder the capacity required in the calculation logic, establishing guidelines and suggested tools that facilitate the teaching of mathematics both in school life the day-today. Keywords? to disorder of learning mathematics, dyscalculia .