Renovation Of Premises

Renovation of premises – it is not so scary … Of course, clarify the definition of any obscure meaning necessarily must, because even the masters are still confused about certain definitions and sometimes can not correctly formulate the concept of "renovation." For example, in history, so to say, "round tables", which took place in the editorial "Country Review", following incident occurred: representatives of different repair companies simply asked that of myself, in their opinion, is renovated premises on the date. Responses to surprise, it was exactly the same as the man responsible. Some simply believe that the prefix "euro", according to them, is the only "excitement", which is designed to instill respect for efficiently a particular company, which in a row, for example, you perestelit floors house or install windows. Other representatives construction companies simply to point out any aspect, such as the application of fresh technology and just the latest high (in most cases imported from other different countries), construction materials. Representatives of a construction company repairs Moscow actively objected to this: was told that, even with fairly high and say the most expensive building materials, you can certainly bring to not, so to speak, all their virtues repair poor quality of construction works. It follows from this that the first sign of regular European-quality repair, of course, are absolutely rovnenkie wall, as floors and ceilings, and naturally flawless connection of all these surfaces at joints. For ideas, clarity, here we must make known to all building codes, in other words, the industry standards and operating rules, but in their concept, such as value "Renovation" as long as the place could not be found. In general, the practice of building and repair business for quite some time guided by entirely different standards, so to speak more than the highest, rather than building reflected standards in the special construction documents.