Success And Leadership

"None of us is as smart as all of us" (Japanese Proverb) To establish and operate a competent team can be a complex task. ich. Success is not the result of good luck or chance. An effective team is one that manages to optimally coordinate the efforts of its components, thus obtaining the best performance. This allows you to run smoothly, so permeated, reaching the goals set by the organization. Behind this success are a number of factors that make it possible.

One such factor is the use of leadership skills, particularly those related to emotional intelligence of the leader and other team members. However, teamwork is not simply the sum of individual contributions, but rather a group of people working in coordination in the implementation of a project, so that is the team that meets the end result and not people that comprise it. Therefore, a critical factor for success is use of so-called "social skills" of emotional intelligence. It is precisely the type of relationship and interactions that occur daily between team members, which contributes most to its effectiveness. Even more than the "level of intelligence, rational or emotional, individual members and technical expertise. The team coaching fundamental aims to create learning situations for the team to develop precisely those social skills which supports all its management and performance they can get. Being able to develop these social skills requires a fee of effort, and enough willingness on the part of the leader – coach, as well know the performance characteristics of human behavior in social situations.