Umbilical Cells

In recent times, we are witnessing how these cells can be used in transplant procedures to try and attempt to cure certain diseases as leukemias, anemias or lymphomas. For this reason, it is important to highlight the work of umbilical cord blood banks. More information is housed here: Mental Health Monday. There are already several studies that have shown that transplantation of cord blood cells can have the same efficacy as other transplants more conventional, like bone marrow or peripheral blood diseases such as leukemia. There are two types of stem cells in the blood of the umbilical cord. Hematopoietic stem cells are used, as we have said, to transplant hematopoietic, since from them new (red, white blood cells and platelets) blood cells are formed. But there are also other cells mother, mesenchymal stem cells, from which certain damaged tissues of the organism, can regenerate i.e. used in regenerative medicine. In early 2008, entered into force the National Plan of Umbilical cord blood, which governs the activity of the public banks as private banks. Despite that in Spain began to store umbilical cord blood in private banks only 7 years, they are already around 25,000 families who decide every year hiring the services of collection, analysis and transfer of the stem cells from the baby through private as IVIDA banks.

Maria Cortes Escat

There are aspects of attitudes and behaviors of communication generated entropy to within the group are: infantilism sentimentality hysteria egocentrism of the Johari window application allows and facilitates individual and group discovery of these and other problems that can lead to the deterioration of relations in the team. The foregoing shows that the art and technique of communication implies a profound attitude change. This change should be promoted by the leader or manager who, if necessary, advise of psychologists or specialists in the field. Management must be attentive in the form as it is communicating, that really is achieved, as it affects the behavior of the team, how you perceive the group communication. Now, if you want to achieve efficient communication considers what brings in this regard Maria Cortes Escat both emitter and receiver should strive to understand each other, as well as try to avoid prefabricated solutions, is important even react positively to the contradictions and use wisely the suggestions and opportunities that are manifest. You must know well the interlocutor, who wants to, you want to or you need is important.

We should compare the information that we have with the reality, i.e. make sure that indeed their desires or needs are what us really aware that they are. The balance between verbal language and non-verbal or body is often difficult to achieve, but once the sense of security that we will produce on the interlocutor will be much greater. Adds us that to be able to communicate effectively is necessary to learn to listen to others from the reality of them and not ours. For this purpose it is necessary to develop critical thinking that will become the tool for being able to understand the message wishing to convey others taking into account who are they and be able to analyze and evaluate what was said with a broader perspective.