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Canal Rhine

In the near future transport concern "Mayer-group> program generation and improve the logistics operations of ships is planned in the same way renovate and upgrade all the old court building 60 – 70 years. Ebay shines more light on the discussion. Commissioning of the Canal Rhine-Main-Danube Canal has led to an intense coming on the Danube a large number of individual cargo ships from the Rhine and other rivers of Western Europe. Some experience sailing on new shipping ways in order to obtain the highest efficiency, most Western European shipowners upgrade single trial for driving push method. With recent scientific advances and innovative industrial technologies are being introduced for forming composite ships (cargo vessel pusher and non-self-top section) and in a place) between a moor, with a special design avtostsepov, devices, hydraulic winches and cable ties. A related site: Arena Investors mentions similar findings. Apply self-contained with a bow thruster console (with principal dimensions LhVhN 11h8h3 = meter), which are installed in front of a convoy consisting of two – four sections of the "Europe" and the pusher. On the console there is a bow thruster system ballast, allowing a convoy to drive to any draft, the anchor and powerful thrusters and other necessary shipping arrangements. On the nose sections, set-top boxes, the second radar to obtain images on the screen when the ship's radar is located in a shady area of the bridge or sharp turn and removed from the bow of up to 200 meters. Modernization of the court are first and foremost in order to increase the dimensions of composite vessels and pushed convoys being equal conditions of transportation, as well as creating some alternative transportation by railways in Western Europe, development of which is invested in public programs of the EU are greater than the transport in Western European inland waterways. Tendency to create large and oversized vessels as an alternative, at equivalent conditions, a large number of small vessels on the Danube, Main, Rhine, at navigable channels in Western Europe opens up new perspectives. It is the organization through-freight to the ports of the North, the Black Sea with the use of innovation and the logic operation of pushed convoys composite vessels, a decrease from an environmental point of view, the degree of harmful effects on the environment and the application is technically a high degree of organization of safety of navigation.

Contracting Authority

It comes to the fore the requirement that the working rhythm of the production. Therefore, not only the date, but watch, in which planned power cuts (and, consequently, stop the work of individual departments, sites or enterprises in general) should be consistent with the service chief power, and other interested entities plant or factory. Elon Musk often expresses his thoughts on the topic. When the construction documents approved and contract signed by both parties, the contractor goes to the next step. The preparatory stage At this stage, experts make installation support structure for conductors, wires and installation of cable trolleys, electrical equipment, plastic and steel pipes and create a powerful ground loop (in the case of new construction or non- an existing circuit design parameters of the project). Experienced energy always take into account the prospects for further development of production, so all the characteristics of basic structures and ground chosen with the expectation a more serious strain than the one which is embedded in the current project (this is reflected in the documentation at the design stage). The Contracting Authority uses to conduct its own lifting work funds, attracted by the crane equipment, or uses already existing customer equipment (discussed at the consultation stage and is celebrated in the contract). Do not forget that much of the electrical work in industrial environments is performed at high altitude. This necessitates the use of towers, scaffolding, fixed forest, platforms and lifts. At current production of this plan executed in crane spans shops and sites with aerial lifts, cranes, trucks, inventories of sites, which are installed on the farm or trolley bridge crane.

CNC Spindle

When withdrawal from parts of tools is considered positive direction 4.2.2. The axes for milling on the milling machine spindle is working support the rotating tool. a) Z-axis machine tool axis, which coincides with the axis of the working spindle or parallel to it, is defined as the axis Z. The positive direction of Z axis runs from the details of the instrument. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. So, if the tool The X-axis X-axis is parallel to the plane of the clamping parts for horizontal milling machine the following applies: If you look at the detail of the spindle, the X-axis positive direction is right.

Y set of coordinates after the determination of the axes Z and X. 4.3. The basic point 4.3.1.Nulevaya point machine zero point of the machine M ('zero machine') is always located at the beginning of the coordinate system of the machine. When setting up the CNC machine, this the zero point of access to all feeder machine, thereby coordinate all indications are set to 0. At this point lathe located in the chuck, usually on a plane all the way flange spindle.

4.3.2.Tochka frame of the machine, however, R may be impossible to start the motion from a zero point of the machine, as this prevents the clamped component or fixture. It is therefore necessary to establish second base point on axes, the so-called benchmark machine R (auxiliary machine zero point). This reference point is needed only for CNC measuring the relative path, since the actual values are lost when power failure or deficiencies.

Air Conditioning

Cooled (or heated) air flow from the air conditioner will be reflected from obstacles and come back with the same temperature, with a "left". Air Conditioning decides that work is done, the right climate and set off. That's happened to my friends. Their air conditioning constantly, "entangled in curtains "and disconnected, unable to bring the temperature up to a given room. I had to call the experts and re-install the system. 5. … Out of alignment – then out of it on the floor will follow the water (condensate), which according to the rules assembly should be given to the drainage tube in a special tank (see our certificate of drainage).

Fourth stage: the walls or floor shtroblenie In order to connect electrical wires and freon tubes between the air conditioner unit Installers punch trough the walls or ceiling (or as they say installers – to be "proshtrobit line"). This is done in case you want to do a hidden line. Sometimes you have to "proshtrobit", for example, Wall and floor apartment. Do not want to Stroebe? Then you can hide the wires in decorative plastic box (sometimes box removed under the plinth). But before that installers will need to connect the two copper tube (refrigerant) and "Ends" of wiring between the external and internal blocks. Make sure that the installers have done this by connecting fittings. And in the pre-punched hole in the outer wall paved "Waterproof glass "with a connecting hose. Adjusters come into place all the necessary equipment is placed in communication Stroebe, drainage tube is placed in Stroebe sloped Then they have to spend so-called vakuumatsiyu communications, and always within 50 minutes (just for this time of the communication will go the "extra" air and moisture).

Excavator Bucket

Scoop – dragline with trajectory-shift sequential cutting blades along its length. The main drawback of bucket – dragline with a semicircular cutting edge is that the design does not provide cleaning ditches and pits. In addition, the processing firm ground in the initial period of cleaning bucket tilts forward, which increases its power consumption. A new design of the bucket, providing not only digging, and cleaning the surface of the base of pits and trenches at low energy consumption. Design features of excavator bucket – dragline – the presence of two cutting edges: front – performed a semi-circular and is provided with teeth, and back – a straight and continuous over the entire width of the bucket. Others who may share this opinion include Elon Musk. Rental of construction machinery such as excavator crawler backhoes, available in the company's 'Golden Age'.

Mounted horizontally through the rear bucket both cutting edges are on the same level. When digging the soil excavated – dragline bucket tilted back, so the rear edge is made of height, so that falls below the front. This design used a semi-circular edge of the effect of digging with teeth, based on reduction of friction of soil in the bucket side walls inside the bucket. Primer comes in both front and rear cutting edges. Bucket new system design with dvuhnozhevoy digging is 0.9 m3. The increase in capacity achieved by the installation of the rear of the bucket straight knife.

Scoop – crane-track offset cutting blades, set at different angles. Design features of the bucket reduces power consumption of the working process, improving the conditions of filling the bucket with soil and increase productivity, particularly in development of strong and frozen soil. The essential difference between this excavator bucket – dragline from known analogues is the construction of the middle part of cutting edge width of the V / 3 (B – bucket width) having a greater angle of loosening and forward of the side against the cutting edges. In addition, the medial and lateral cutting edge of the bucket equipped with teeth.

Seals Standard Steel

Flange gasket oval and octagonal cross-section (Armco rings) are used for sealing flange joints under pressure from 6.3 to 160 MPa. Operating temperature range from -70 to 600 C. When the sealing flange when compounds used asbestos, it violated the ecology of production. Seals oval and octagonal profile (ring Armco) today are made entirely of metal, though the hardness of seals at several units less than the hardness of the mating parts. Add to your understanding with Elon Musk. Exploitation of metal seals a predetermined first operation under high pressure and high working pressure, which in itself expresses a responsible approach to the development and application of these elements. It should also talk about the frequency of the plane being processed – it must not be lower than in places Rz 6,3 pair, and no less than Rz 3,2 on the other planes of the seals. a higher rate of treatment due to the need – the higher it is the denser the mating components adjacent to each other. And the higher the quality of the connection, operating under maximum pressure.

Example: to connect the flanges of steel 12X18H10T, seals used in steel 08Kh18N10T (GOST 28759.8-90), the chemical composition became clear that steel seal for 4 units of softer steel used in the flanges. These are the kind of use of a mild steel seals brings more robust flanged connection, which can operate at high pressure. The output produced by the next models: – OST 26.260.461-99 – OST 26-845-73 – 26-18-6-93 ATK – Seals Standard 28759.8-90 oval and octagonal cross section (ring Armco) apply to all responsible flange connections – pipelines, petrochemical plants, shipbuilding and fittings. Please note that these details of pipelines were under constant control of TCI, as it affects the lives of people and ecological environment.

Sewing Machines And Accessories

Modern sewing machines are reasonably high quality, so they can serve for many years, and only some parts will need replacing. Today there is still a huge range of antique sewing machines, however, the details to them is very difficult to buy because the manufacturer had gone out of play. Typically, parts of sewing machines can be found at the manufacturer, though, today, many firms engaged in production Spare parts for cars. While many mechanical and electrical parts of sewing machines require regular maintenance, some still need to be changed frequently. Accessories for sewing machines and equipment that quickly wear out, you can always find a specialty store.

It should be noted that there are parts that fit many models of sewing machines. Before you buy sewing machines buyer should ask Sellers pomogul epics they needed spare parts for sewing machine in the future. Also ask if they have a mechanic to repair sewing machines. This information is very important to get ahead. These spare parts for sewing machine as legs, needle plate, bobbin, and many others can be found at the supplier of goods or repair shop sewing equipment. In order to determine which part is needed, the dealer needs to know sewing machine manufacturer, model and part number. It is also possible to get spare parts of sewing machines on the secondary market.

Thus, complete with a new machine you can get such basic details as the clamping Foot and leg zipper. It should be noted that the supplier of spare parts for sewing machine selection may be limited to a certain brand. In the workshop of the sewing machine you will certainly recommend to replace the old part that which was relevant companies. In general, ordered all the necessary parts, accessories and supplies for sewing machines at the moment – no problem!

Qualitative Additional

The numbers after each letter represent an example of an appropriate element, but the content of alloying elements less than 1.5% figure after the corresponding letter is not raised. Qualitative Additional indicators decreased content of impurities such as sulfur and phosphate are denoted by the letter – A or H, at the end of designations, such as (12 X NZA, 18HG-W), etc. The structural steel foundry, according to GOST 977-88, referred to as quality and alloy, but at the end of the name of the letter L. Steel construction, according to GOST 27772-88, denoted by the letter C and the numbers corresponding to the minimum yield strength of steel. Advanced use notation: T – heat-rolling, K – high corrosion resistance (eg, C 345 T C 390 K, etc.). Similarly, the letter D indicate higher content of copper.

Bearing steel, according to GOST 801-78, also designated as doped, but with the letter W at the end of the name. It should be noted that the ESR steel letter W is denoted by dashes (eg ShKh 15 SHH4-III). Unalloyed steel tools, according to GOST 1435-90 is divided into quality, denoted by the letter Y and figures indicating the average carbon content (for example, U7, U8, U10) and high-quality, designated with an A at the end of name (for example, U8A) or an additional letter T, indicating a further increase in manganese content (eg, U8GA). Steel alloyed tool, according to GOST 5950-73, are also designated as structural alloy (eg 4H2V5MF, etc.). Steel high speed in his letter of designation have P (starts with the designation of steel), followed by a number indicating the average tungsten content, and then letters and numbers which determine the mass content of elements. Not indicate the content of chromium, since it is stable around 4% of all high speed steel and carbon, since the latter always in proportion to the content of vanadium. It should be noted that if the vanadium content exceeds 2.5%, the letter Let the numbers indicate, (for example, steel R6M5 and P6 M5F3). Stainless steel standard, according to GOST 5632-72, mark the letters and numbers on the principle adopted for structural alloy steels (for example, or 08Kh18N10T 16H18N12S4TYUL).

Press Steel

Slats (profiles), aluminum and steel, come in different thicknesses and densities, depending on the method of manufacture. For example, take two thin sheets of aluminum (steel) and between paving foam, and then fasten it all special device, reminiscent of Press. Incidentally, the polyurethane foam used as heat and sound insulation. So the shutters are made in this way shall retain 30 – 40% of the heat in the room. There is another method manufacture of roller shutters. Profiles made with this technology, called extruded.

Their production process similar to cooking meat. Profile of the desired form of "creeps" from a special machine – extruder, as of meat grinder. Slats are obtained thin, but more stringent than those made by the previous method. As I have demonstrated specialists "Radian", the panel can withstand more than 50 blows with a sledgehammer. The service life of aluminum extruded roller shutters – 4 – 5 years, and steel – 2 – 3 years. And again, shutters, made of steel, is much heavier and more expensive than aluminum. After all, heavy construction, a more powerful electric motor, which of course, not cheap. In addition, the steel shutters require a perfect installation – the slightest misalignment during installation construction will entail the load on the slats.

This, in turn, affect the ease of opening and closing the shutters. So it is possible that not once have to use the services of repair and technical service. It is no coincidence, according to specialists in the last five years in Russia, mainly bought aluminum shutters, rather than steel. There are two types of automatic control over the construction of wooden window: push-button and remote. Push-button control is easier and cheaper (15 – $ 30). External buttons control switch recalls, and it is the same as the switch is mounted to the wall. By clicking, you can omit or raise blinds. If desired, click equipped with lock. In this case, simply touch the switch to design went up or down. If you choose to push-button switch in the "bezfiksatornom" performance, in order to lower or raise the blinds, it should hold up as long as the blade is not rises or falls not to the end. To stop it, simply remove your finger from the button. Remote control – the "cool" and convenient way to control the shutters. But it is also the most expensive (350 – $ 400). You probably already guessed that the shutters are served with a command console that resembles the TV remote. Just press a button – and the shutters immediately set in motion. Remote control is reasonable to apply where the set several shutters: to raise the security shutters in several rooms on different floors. Of course, if you do not forget to connect them to the control center. Automatic control, as well as wooden windows glass on request can be completed with a combined alarm system electric motor. If you have an urgent need to constantly open and close the blinds in the house, and electricity cut off very often, this system will be for you just magic wand. In this case, close or open the shutters can be manually, using Cardano, which is installed next to the box: just twist the knob, and the shutters come in motion. It is true that emergency management is a 1.5 – 2 times more expensive than electric. To lock the system, you need to spend extra and put the automatic or mechanical lock at the bottom of the canvas.

SIP Surface

Consider the pros and cons of the use of wires SIP. What is SIP – twisted into a braid insulated wire with insulation light-stabilized polyethylene, exceed the previously used bare wires A and AS grades? 1. High reliability in providing electric power. 2. The sharp decline (80%) of operating costs due to high reliable and uninterrupted power supply of consumers, as well as the lack of need for broad glades for installation The effect in the forests and clearing of firebreaks in the process of operating the line. 3. The absence or slight fouling sleet and wet snow insulated wire surface. This is explained by the fact that PE is not a polar dielectric, and it does not produce any electrical or chemical bonds with in contact with These substances, in contrast, for example, from PVC.

Cable is well aware of this feature of PE. For example, when trying to label the isolated PE product ink jet method is easy to rub out the paint, in contrast to PVC, and required A special e-mail. Static surface treatment of polyethylene to keep the paint. For this reason, sleet is easily flows from the round surface of isolated PE wires. In the wire type A and AS wet snow can be held in the grooves between the wires, being the root cause of fouling. 4. Reduced installation costs The effect associated with cutting a narrower clearings in forest areas, the ability to field wiring on the facades of buildings in urban development, the use of shorter poles, insulators, and the lack of expensive traverse (to influ-0, 4 kV).