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Flights In

Above the clouds in the luxury revel who books a flight in business class, must not only quality and comfort, but also a comprehensive entertainment programme offers. Especially at long range, the Premiumticket pays off, because often the seats in comfortable beds can transform. The guests as in any good star restaurant can enjoy exquisite meals and fine wines. In addition, there are numerous extras such as free care kits and cosmetic products, yoga classes or cell phone reception. The flight Portal fluege.de reported about the offers of the most prestigious airlines. The Singapore Airlines offers a very spacious business class. Passengers can turn the 76 cm wide comfortable feel seats here in flat beds.

There is also entertainment KrisWorld, the countless CDs, movies and TV shows to choose from are, no room for boredom. Who like to indulge with a massage can benefit from the special extra of Etihad Airways. Spa visits at intermediate stops in Abu Dhabi are free standard. The Lufthansa German airlines behind the mentioned airlines in nothing, it offers but the highest number of business lounges of the world. On board the aircraft, a fine selection of German wines is located next to refined delicacies. The Swiss donated no less noble delicacies such as champagne or a five-course dinner guests. British Airways, in which the seats are arranged according to the Yin-Yang principle of extraordinary leg freedom. It can relax here and even the phone is allowed. A flight with the SAS fitness able advisable, because it waits for an entertaining television program with Yoga instruction and exercises to reduce stress. More information: news.fluege.de/…business-class ticket… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Holidays Without Pitfalls

Free access for all users, the ten of their friends to busuu.com invite Madrid, June 19, 2012 can I become a steak, please? Probably, it is the classic among the pitfalls for German-speaking tourists. Because in English become means to”not get” but be”and just our German-speaking tourist has the waiter in a London restaurant wondering whether he should become the piece of meat. “But it can get worse: A British tourist mistook the Hotel de Ville” (French for City Hall) with a hotel chain and had involuntary stay a night in the Town Hall of an Alsatian. While she inspected the alleged hotel, the town’s officials retired from formality the doors. With a travel course of busuu.com this embarrassment would have been probably spared our two tourists. The online community for learning languages provides language travel courses for twelve of the most common languages at online via or as an app for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android smartphones. Basic expressions and special vocabulary for various holiday situations be learned by using interactive exercises, audio recordings, PDFs, and podcasts on playful manner.

In no time, travelers set up as a basic vocabulary in the language of their country and learn to handle standard situations. “” “And, that become” and get “sound while similar but have different meanings and this so-called false friends” are. As well as the English Cafe”and the German coffee”, because the former is for a small restaurant and not for a hot drink, as in German. For those interested in the busuu.com blog lists more typical false friends of the English-German, English-Spanish, English-Portuguese: each trip course on busuu.com includes three learning units for the categories: – general terms – transport – travel – plan money, shopping and eating – and stay listening is interactive dialogs, the by spoken, rehearsed professional speakers. In the port there are exercises to understand.