Within the field of the management of market, refers to technical skills, when the manager knows the methods and means for the implementation of task specific, this involves specialized knowledge and analytical capacity; for example: know that sector of the population want to and directing the launch of a product or provide a service, through market research. In terms of skills human refers to the ability to work in equipment, if it is cooperative, communicative, delegated functions, practical, objective for decision-making, where East involved companionship or friendship and possess the skill not to let be manipulated by elements outside the Organization, for example: the economic, political and social situation of the country, taking the social responsibility as important aspect for the development of an environment in harmony. Also refers to the conceptual ability, namely the ability to perceive the Organization as a whole, this allows to act according to the same objectives as a totality, i.e. the fulfillment of the vision and mission of the company and not just based on the goals of the work team; considering the financial situation of the company in terms of the borrowing capacity possessing this, so not to fall into loss when drawing up an investment project in the market. With respect to the abilities of the behavior you must consider ethics to be able to perceive needs and motives that drive individuals to act and find tools like advertising that facilitate you to achieve the needs of the collectivity in function of the different styles of life. The ability to implement strategies refers to the maximum use of the time and the resources available, to the completion of each task aimed at the achievement of a goal within an atmosphere of harmony, motivation and where there are contingency plans for the prevention of difficulties which can be present and solve them without delay. The ability of negotiator is which allows to search the Organization gains scenarios of risk and uncertainty, and compete for the achievement of positive results.

Be considered when a market manager possesses good evaluator skills, you can take right decisions in a minimum of time and without putting at risk the total capital of the company. Since then, skills mentioned above vary from one individual to another, so as your application in different organizations, what is considered that it should not possess a market manager is the vision of the reality of his environment recognizing that the conduct of the individuals that comprise a society are changing, so it is needed to innovate. In conclusion, it is necessary to review what should be the characteristics that the modern manager of greed must comply in order to ensure favorable results in its management of markets. Worry about this r updated on new approaches, tools that the role of markets has generated in the present time and above all, knowing well the opportunities arising from weaknesses that many companies manifest themselves when it comes to their competitiveness and participation in current markets.